'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Shares 'Gentle Reminder' Over Troll's Attempt at Body Shaming

Mina Starsiak Hawk is offering up a "gentle reminder" to people who want to comment on her body. The Good Bones star responded at length to a commenter on a photo of her wearing a sweatshirt from her shop who said they had lost respect for the HGTV star for "succumbing to the size 0 celebrity culture." Starsiak Hawk began her response thoughtfully, "Such a bummer that all that earns your respect is the size I appear to be, or not be."

Noting that she's the "same person" with the "same worth ethic" who "eats the same food" she always has, the Indiana native revealed that any change in her body came because she chose to stop drinking "5 or 6 months ago" and had "kicked up" the weight lifting part of her daily workout routine. "My goal with neither of those changes was weight loss," she continued. "But I feel great. The strongest, and least hung over (lol) that I have in years."

The Two Chicks and a Hammer co-founder continued that while the commenter might not have thought she would read or respond to their comment, "it's important to remember, even those of us [whose] lives we have allowed to be public, still are just people." Starsiak Hawk ended by saying she didn't mean for her response to be a "call out," but worried people with thinner skin than she would be deeply affected by similar comments: "So I don't say this as a call out, just an opportunity for a reminder that people do hear you and do listen, so maybe take a moment before sharing. If you still feel the same, then share away!" she concluded.

Posting the full exchange on her page, Starsiak Hawk said she wanted it to serve as a "gentle reminder" to the rest of her followers. "One thing I failed to mention in my response that I feel compelled to say LOUDLY...." she added as an afterthought. "While those photos were me, un-photoshopped , SOOO many things we see online ARE edited. Nothing wrong with either version, but what is important is that knowledge. So please please please, don't compare yourself. Don't compete with anyone other than yourself."


Whether you or your photos are edited, surgically altered, all-natural or "anything in between," Starsiak Hawk assured her followers they were "perfect" as long as they were staying true to themselves and what brings them joy. She ended alongside the raised hands emojis, "Can I get an amen!"