'Good Bones': Mina Starsiak-Hawk's Son Jack Learns to Crawl With Help From Grandma Karen Laine in Exclusive Clip

Good Bones is steering in a different direction with Season 5 this year, highlighting more personal moments for the affable mother-daughter duo of Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk. Of those sweet flashes nestled between dramatic demolitions and stylish renovations includes a look at the 35-year-old designer's foray into motherhood with the show's youngest co-star and her son, Jack Hawk. In an exclusive sneak peek for PopCulture.com of Tuesday's all-new episode, "Chelsea Vibes in Old Southside," Starsiak-Hawk's adorable boy Jack is learning to crawl and gets help from grandma Laine who pops by her daughter's home with her beloved pet chicken, Braveheart.

With Laine walking toward her daughter and grandson with Braveheart on her shoulder, Starsiak-Hawk suggests she come over as a way to encourage baby Jack to crawl. In an offside interview, the Indianapolis designer and owner of Two Chicks and a Hammer admits that while she and Jack enjoy chilling in their backyard as the toddler could "stay out here all day long," she is working hard to get him to crawl "because it's his new thing, but it's hard to get him to do it."

Throwing it back to the three chilling out in her yard, Jack's attention falls on Braveheart and then his grandmother as he swings his arms up in a gesture to be picked up, to which Laine sweeps in and holds him up. Starsiak-Hawk can be heard, stating, "He's supposed to be crawling!" Laine later admits in an offside interview with her daughter that when he gestures that way, she's going to no doubt pick him up, to which he shows off some "real" crawling. "He's going to get picked up every time," Laine said as her daughter interjects, "He's so cute. Dude will never have to learn how to walk if he doesn't want to."

Tuesday's episode is the third in their fifth season, which finds the two buying a duplex of townhouses in Old Southside and want to give the left side a Chelsea flat theme, brimming with vibrant colors like a bustling New York City neighborhood. However, potential issues both inside and outside cause more challenges than expected for the pair that they haven't experienced on such a scope.

The Indiana-based renovation series will be including a lot more of Starsiak-Hawk's family life this season among the rocking renovations with appearances from both her husband, Steve, and their firstborn, Jack. The addition of her two main men also involves her IVF journey that results in a pregnancy, which she tells PopCulture.com exclusively was a decision she and Steve gave immense thought.

"Steve and I thought about it, talked about it," she told PopCulture last month ahead of the Season 5 premiere. "For me, it was like, if you do it beforehand, and it's positive, that's great — that's exciting! But if we're going to have to do it again on camera, I'm going to have to fake being excited. [And] if you do it, and there's no heartbeat... and we're devastated, do I not film with them? Or do I not share that part?'"

With the 35-year-old soon to be mother-of-two being as real as it gets both onscreen and off, she adds they decided to go ahead with it live and in real-time. "Because whatever was going to happen was going to happen, but that was the first time where I was like, 'Baby, what have I got myself into…" she laughed. Starsiak-Hawk announced her pregnancy this past March, revealing nothing else but the name: Charlie, who will be arriving this September.


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