HGTV's 'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Announces Season 4 Premiere

After months of renovations and designs, HGTV star Mina Starsiak of the network’s [...]

After months of renovations and designs, HGTV star Mina Starsiak of the network's mother-daughter reno series Good Bones, shared with fans when they can expect Season 4 to premiere.

On March 7, Starsiak took to Instagram to share with fans the good news alongside an image of herself with son, Jack — who was fast asleep.

"Reveal days are exhausting," Starsiak wrote alongside three sleepy emojis in reference to her infant son. "Season 4 is coming in MAY!!!!"

(Photo: Instagram / @mina_starsiakhawk)

Fans took to the comments section to express their excitement, while gushing over the adorable photo of the 31-year-old mother and her son, born last August.

Since Good Bones first started in 2016, the mother-daughter duo has rehabilitated vacant and dilapidated homes in the Fountain Square and Bates-Hendricks neighborhood, just south and east of downtown Indianapolis. With more than 60 homes completed and rejuvenated, the duo is looking to extend operations to adjacent communities in the forthcoming season.

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, Starsiak and her mother, Karen Laine have 13 fresh rehab projects ready for Season 4 in new neighborhoods as a way to offset the bustling boom of the city targeting Indy's southeast side as a means of economic growth and creativity, that is seemingly driving prices up as more developers hone in on the appeal.

Indy's historic Fountain Square district in recent years has become one of the trendiest locations in the city, with Starsiak telling the publication that they've "priced [themselves] out of the market," thus the outward move.

However, Starsiak and Laine said they are not trying to alter any community's identity as they renovate homes. Instead, they are hoping to re-spark a love for its potential.

"There's a different feel to each neighborhood right now and I really don't think it's our job as rehabbers to get involved in that or change it," Laine said. "It's to work within that frame that they've created."

Good Bones is not HGTV's top-rated show, but it does rake in a solid audience, with an estimated 1.6 million viewers as of numbers recorded in 2016.

Laine and Starsiak aren't banking on increased viewership to power their futures as they are looking for other ways to maximize their dream of re-establishing community through creativity. In addition to offering up viewers and customers an AirBnB, the mother-daughter duo plan to open a home-goods store on Lincoln Street in Indy with current plans looking to stock Good Bones merchandise, a small eatery and affordable home goods handpicked by Starsiak and Laine.

Fans of the show can also revel in the fact that there will be "Karen's Korner," a hodgepodge collection of small hardware pieces and accessories, something Laine says will be "what you never realized you needed or could use."

When the pair open the shop later this year, it will cement their branding at the heart of Bates-Hendricks.

"We're always going to go where there's a little more need on top of the less expensive properties," Starsiak said. "You don't have to like the designs we do, but understand there's something for everyone. We want to help these communities."

Photo credit: Instagram / @hgtv