'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Talks Season 5's 'Fun' Environment, 'Unique' Cast Relationships (Exclusive)

Attracting more than 17.4 million total viewers in its last season, HGTV's Good Bones is by far one of the network's best home renovation series and for good reason. Amplifying the values of family, community, and the freshest styles in home improvement and decor with every house showcased, the stars, led by mother-daughter duo, Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk, are expanding the milestone fifth season with vibrancy like no other. Spotlighting personal moments in the lives of both Laine and Starsiak-Hawk amid the nastiest homes in Indianapolis turned beauties, Season 5 of the HGTV series has been a fun one, according to the show's matriarch.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com about Season 5, Laine shares how she "loves" the feedback fans are sharing on social media with the look of their new season, which includes a pop soundtrack and aerial drone shots. She admits it was all HGTV's idea, saying: "Our production team has gotten so capable of following us, and knowing what we do — they're able to choose more wisely and more truthfully, what should we film and then the editors are much better about deciding what should we put in the show because there's not another show like this."

With the slight touch more of personability in the new season, Laine admits their production company and the network has found a solid niche when it comes to their home renovation programs, including Good Bones since its debut on HGTV in 2016. "I don't think it's us. We don't make the decisions. There's someone behind the camera who decides what to shoot and then there's an editor who decides what to put in the show. And so, we've always just been ourselves," she said. "That's never changed, but what HGTV is, they're owned by Discovery now, which is a change and so I think that's part of it — they're just feeling more comfortable taking a little bit more of a risk with us."

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Discovery Communications completed its merger in 2018 with the Scripps Networks Interactive Inc., assuming control of Scripps channels, HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel. The merger was made in an effort to add brands people love and are passionate about. The move has been a great push in the brightened prominence of familial values, humor and merrymaking, which also means a lot more of the team's shenanigans — something Laine adores seeing with her Good Bones family.

"I like that we have an environment where we can have fun," Laine said. "I do get concerned because sometimes Tad [Starsiak-Hawk's brother] doesn't think things through and does something that could have hurt him or someone else. That concerns me. He gets so involved in the game and he's got such a good heart. Oh my gosh, I don't think he ever thinks something bad will happen, because that's just not the way he thinks. He thinks life is fun, everybody's nice, this is going to be great. That's just his approach, but watching them all, it's like watching a pile of puppies roll around. It's the cutest thing in the world."

Laine goes on to share how the whole team, including her on-screen co-stars, Cory Miller, Austin Aynes and MJ Coyle, have "such warm deep relationships with one another," that she calls the whole aspect incredibly "unique." The former lawyer and designer further adds how her relationship with each of them is "very, very different" from her relationship with the others — "it's like with your kids, I love it."

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Aside from all family fun, she has with the cast of her HGTV series alongside daughter, Starsiak-Hawk, Laine admits she loves how their show embraces local Indy culture with the pair heading all over the state of Indiana for accessories. "[It's] my favorite thing, especially when we're dealing with local businesses that are owned by the person who's running the business — that those businesses get a little more notoriety and a little more foot traffic, you know, a rising tide lifts all boats," she said. "That's very gratifying to be able to help local businesses and help local people that we know."

Laine adds how the integration of local culture has also acquainted herself and daughter, Starsiak-Hawk with some "absolutely amazingly talented people" so much so, that her sphere of resources has now expanded exponentially. "I couldn't have done that without the show," she said, adding how Good Bones has given her immense joy since debuting on the network with chances they never imagined. "It has given me an opportunity to do two things that I have wanted to do forever."

One of those things includes Laine starting up a 501c3 to address homelessness in Indianapolis called Indy Home. "The concept behind it — it's not a rare concept — but it's controversial. It's called Housing First and the idea is to really address homelessness, you have to give someone a home. If you have barriers to that, like, you require them to give up a pet, or a loved one, or alcohol, or whatever it is, before they have a home, they're going to resist being in a home," she explained. "But if you let someone have a home where they feel secure, and again, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, that first basic need is being met and they can keep that dog, change comes from there." Laine adds that when one feels secure and gets the reassurance that they have a home, "it makes a difference."


While Laine retired from Two Chicks and a Hammer, the company she started with her daughter more than a decade ago and is no longer a lawyer, she is looking to start Divinity school at the end of June, revealing she's "very excited" about preaching. "You would think that a [Juris Doctor] would be enough, but I love school, and I've wanted to preach forever," she said. "And so now that I've retired from the company, I have enough time and I have the funds to go to Divinity school. I'm excited. A lot of exciting stuff in the future!"

Good Bones airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. For more with Laine, stay tuned to PopCulture.com as the beloved TV mom sets the record straight on her retirement, what she thinks of fans criticizing her daughter's "sass" and more. For the freshest news in popular culture, follow us on Twitter for the latest!