'Gold Rush' Star Rick Ness Reveals Painful '70,000 Degree' Sunburn Pics

Standing outside at 10,000 feet for 12 hours is no easy task, and Gold Rush mine boss Rick Ness has the painful sunburn to prove it.

The Discovery Channel reality star took to Twitter on Wednesday, June 12, to show off the less glamorous, and very painful, results of a day of hard work, showing off beet red arms that may have him considering bringing a few tubes of sunscreen with him next time.

“At first glance? Sweet tan today! Move the T-shirt a bit... 70000 degree burns from standing outside at 10,000 feet for 12 hours in the sun for the first time this summer,” Ness captioned photos of the burns.

Although painful, the photos had fans cracking a few jokes.

“Guns are blazing!!!” one fan joked.

“Looks like a Lobster Rick!!” another poked fun.

“Better have that spf 70000,” a third wrote.

Several more were eager to offer some advice on how to help relieve the pain.

“Solacane spray! Cools and soothing, no messy or painful gels, creams or wives tales...” one person suggested.

“Oooh that looks very sore. Put some plain yogurt on it. Great for cooking sunburn,” another fan commented.

Sunburns, however, are likely the least of Ness’ concerns. The Gold Rush star previously told PopCulture.com that with a crew of friends from Wisconsin, who are totally green, was "stressful."

“Mining is stressful period. I've always taken it personally, even when I was running Parker’s operation, so it’s always been stressful for me," he said. "So nothing really changed this year, but it was a little different stress. It was kind of my own and I welcomed it."


Nonetheless, the mining season was a win for Ness, who said of his crew, "They’re hardworking guys though. That’s why I brought them with me, and they were up for the task. And they listened, and we learned a lot together this year, and we grew a lot together this year."

Ness’ return to the Yukon, this time leading his own crew as opposed to acting as Parker Schnabel's foreman, came just after the loss of his mother, who passed away following a long battle with cancer. At the time, Ness had admitted that jumping back into work so soon after her death mean that he didn’t “have much chance to deal with” her loss.