'Ghost Hunters' Kristen Luman and Brian Murray Share Details of Heart-Stopping Thermal Camera Apparitions (Exclusive)

In what is most certainly one of their best episodes yet, the Ghost Hunters headed to Texas in [...]

In what is most certainly one of their best episodes yet, the Ghost Hunters headed to Texas in Wednesday night's season finale to help two cousins experiencing paranormal activity amid renovation plans for a bed and breakfast at the iconic, Worley Hospital. In the A&E reboot's final episode of its premiere season, "Hospital Horrors" sees lead investigator, Grant Wilson and his team step in to uncover the truth behind alleged sightings of shadow figures and multiple reports of dreadful feelings that permeate throughout the property. As the group of paranormal investigators dive into their exploration of unexplained phenomena, they capture jaw-dropping evidence via their thermal imaging camera after the team executes a unique method prompting communication.

After implementing one of the field's most common and prevailing theories suggesting how changes in the physical environment can stir up paranormal activity, investigators Kristen Luman and Brian Murray open up to PopCulture.com exclusively about the astounding evidence collected of apparitions running past the team on thermal cameras that left them totally stunned.

"[It] was the most thermal activity I've ever seen on an investigation," Luman told PopCulture.com, adding how it happened more than a few times and beyond anything she's ever witnessed so far. "That was pretty remarkable. At that point, we're seeing so much of this [and] trying to figure out, 'Okay, this means probably that it's more than one.'"

Luman adds that each figure she, Wilson and fellow co-lead investigator, Daryl Marston witnessed "seemed to be kind of heading in the same direction," alluding to the team's belief that there might be a community of skittish entities in the hospital.

"We saw it towards the attic, which if you are trying to remove yourself from people, what better place to go because we couldn't go up there. It was too dangerous for it," the hypnotherapist and parapsychologist admits. "You see, there's a part of the investigation where they didn't show where I'm trying to go up the stairs, and Grant and Daryl are like, 'Kristen, go up the stairs to the attic.' And [the crew] is like, 'No.' [But] we're like, 'Please guys, please.' It was too dangerous."

Luman shares that one of the most interesting things about the entities caught on the thermal cameras was how they were always surrounding Wilson.

"I had the thermal camera out for a while as well and didn't pick up anything, [but] there was also talks about if there has been sort of this group formed, which is not uncommon in the paranormal world. If there were a lot of different personalities and there's more than one entity left, sometimes they can create their own community and perhaps they have their own leader. I even thought maybe their leader is sizing up our leader," she laughed. "That's why it tends to be around Grant mostly, which would make total sense because that's what we would do in life. There definitely did seem to be perhaps more than one [entity] there."

Luman's fellow investigator, Murray tells PopCulture.com how every one of his team members experienced something paranormal during their visit to Worley — like the shadow figures peeking their head around pillars as claimed by Richel Stratton, Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis, with one such image captured from his body camera.

"I know that every team member at one point saw some sort of shadow or saw something that we thought was possibly an entity, and to be able to document it like Grant and Kristen and Daryl did, it's incredible," Murray told PopCulture.com, adding how he and Marston even chased down a shadow figure they had seen together. "We did see it a lot more than what we presented. I feel like it was a great piece. I feel like that's the holy grail whenever you can capture an apparition."

Murray adds that his fellow investigators were "lucky enough to be in the right spot" during the activity's occurrence because everyone saw "some sort of shadow" at play.

All the activity captured during their investigation at Worley can be credited to a known theory among paranormal researchers that hypothesizes how creating drastic disturbances in the natural environment can help draw out intelligent entities. After Marston suggests they demo the site in the same way their clients, Chelsea and Luke Dyer are working to renovate for a B&B, the team's technique led by Marston and Murray hammering down walls, proved successful with entities emerging left and right.

"That was a really good example of trying to test out and experiment while still being respectful," Luman told PopCulture.com. "Now let's say that place wasn't going to get renovated the way that it is, we might have not chosen that technique. In this way, we were actually trying to stir up activity but also, preparing them."

She adds that the "big thing" Wilson brought up in their investigation was making sure they were vocal about all the changes being made so that the entities were prepared — something Gatollari and Alvis also utilized during their investigation as a way of pulling in an entity's attention for communication.

"Just like you would speak to anybody and try to help them plan ahead, that's exactly what we were doing and so, when we say it's [important to be] respectful and mindful, that was part of the reason we are doing that — to give them sort of a preview of what they're also in store for," she said.

Luman states there is a great level of respect and integrity to uphold when testing this theory and investigators should err on the side of caution if they want to make contact.

"There are certain things that you do, and there are certain things you don't do," she warned. "Like some people dress up like doctors or nurses, and do mock surgeries to try to drum up activity. I don't know if I necessarily agree with that type of technique. These are people, and you treat them like people. Not like 'Dance for me, monkey!'"

Murray chimes in, agreeing strongly with Luman disclosing how every location the team visits is met with the utmost respect for both the clients and entities.

"We're not there to drive anything away or anger anything. By doing the experiment, we were challenged in that experiment and we were also preparing these entities, like 'This is going to happen here. If you don't like it, you need to know now so that we can also prepare Luke and Chelsea,'" he said, adding how it's all in the preparation of an investigation. "That's why we did it. It turned out that it worked. I don't believe there was anything that was negative that came out of the experiments or the whole investigation. I think we went in with a plan, we executed that plan, it worked. And as you can see, Luke and Chelsea by the end of the episode were extremely happy with the results. I loved the experiment."

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