'Ghost Hunters' Star Mustafa Gatollari Says Fans Will Be 'Floored' by Paranormal Activity in 'Haunted Hospital' Episode (Exclusive)

Continuing their foray into the unknown, the Ghost Hunters head deep into the woods of northwest [...]

Continuing their foray into the unknown, the Ghost Hunters head deep into the woods of northwest Illinois on Wednesday night to investigate distressing claims from a hospital frozen in time. With just four more episodes left in its sophomore season, "Haunted Hospital" finds the team heading to the Galena Marine Hospital to review an influx of paranormal activity after its recent purchase. From claims of heavy footsteps to six-foot shadow figures and light anomalies, the case is unlike any other according to paranormal investigator, Mustafa Gatollari who tells PopCulture.com exclusively that audiences should expect to be blown away by some really meaningful signs of life.

"They're going to see something really significant simultaneously happening during the concurrent investigation between Daryl and myself, and Brandon and Brian," Gatollari told PopCulture. "It's one thing to have multiple devices in a single spot in an investigation location, to corroborate evidence that we documented — but to have multiple devices corroborating paranormal activity, which seems to be paranormal activity, from multiple locations on the inside and outside of the building at the same time, I don't think I've ever seen that in a paranormal show before."

Gatollari adds that the stirred response of paranormal activity captured on film has also been wild to see and imagines it will be something fans will be in awe of. "It's all there. It was all happening at the same time, so fans can expect to see that and to see how important it is to bring in someone who has an understanding of the type of entities that will be in a location specifically."

The New Jersey native goes on to share how he was "absolutely floored" by the evidence captured during their investigation and knows audiences will feel the same way. "Being a Marine hospital, there's so much mystery behind the construction of this building. It's a hospital built before the Civil War, in Ulysses S. Grant's hometown, in the middle of nowhere. Why would this be here? Even in its heyday, it wasn't really serving that many people."

Since their Season 2 premiere this past April, the paranormal researcher and site analyst shares how he's been "really happy" with how fans have been receiving and reviewing the paranormal activity with his team, led by Grant Wilson. "I'm happy that the fans of the show are really, really excited about the same things that I was excited about," he said. "Right away, right off the bat, you can tell that the cinematography, and the way the show is shot just from a visual standpoint, really does kind of redefine the genre because when it comes to paranormal reality TV, a lot of times things can get very kind of measured, and you get used to certain things."

Reiterating how Season 1 was great, he shares how there's "always room for improvement" when it comes to furthering the field of paranormal investigations and its portrayal for audiences. "There's always ways you can make it more immersive for the viewer, so really bringing that kind of cinematic feel to the episodes, while still keeping it veritas, and a documentary style, kind of with documenting the work that we're doing," Gatollari said. "But that doesn't mean you can't have really beautiful B-roll. That doesn't really mean you can't get more creative, with how we introduce the story to the audience and really pull them in."

"Season 1, for me, sitting in a car talking about the claims in a location, is fine and dandy. But I'm way happier to see that they're okay to really letting the story be told with the investigations, along with narration and kind of showing historical photos," he continued. "And really letting that breathe, and letting the audience react to it and consume it that way, instead of just a bunch of talking heads."

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