'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine' Exclusive Sneak Peek Previews Zak Bagans and Crew Opening Infamous Dybbuk Box

The Ghost Adventures team is taking on one of their most haunting projects yet — and they're doing it all in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday, June 11, the new miniseries, Ghost Adventures: Quarantine premieres on Travel Channel at 9 p.m. ET. Featuring paranormal phenomena like no other, the team is locked inside Zak Bagans' haunted museum, where he attempts to open the infamous Dybbuk Box, and PopCulture.com has your exclusive sneak peek!

While many TV shows have gone on hold during this global health crisis, Ghost Adventures is eerier than ever. The paranormal investigation team has self-shot a new special while social distancing inside of Bagans' Las Vegas museum, where they cannot contact any other people for two weeks. The excess fear of the pandemic only adds to the supernatural phenomena. In an exclusive first-look clip, Bagans muses that the lonely quiet of the coronavirus climate might have some kind impact on the "spiritual world."

"This is by far the most intense investigation and in-depth experiment we have ever done, considering the whole tone of doing a lockdown within a pandemic lockdown... it's as raw and terrifying as it gets," Bagans said. "Fear gives entities power, and fear is now permeating our society on a scale we haven't experienced before. We are witnessing the amount of spirit activity greatly increase, and we need to understand how this unprecedented situation affects things on a supernatural level. This led us to finally open the Dybbuk Box – a moment that will live with me forever."

The special is made up of a bare-bones crew of four people — Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley. The four investigators even filmed themselves for the special to reduce their human contact and their risk of spreading COVID-19, so the series has a bit of a classic horror movie feel to it. However, remote interviews with special guests provide some context for their findings.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine is a four-part special miniseries, premiering on Thursday and airing each week through July 2. Every episode is a full hour long and focuses on the most haunted artifacts in Bagans' museum. These include the so-called Devil's Rocking Chair, Peggy the Doll, and the Dybbuk Box. Widely known as the "most haunted object in the world," the Dybbuk Box is believed to leave a curse on anyone who comes into contact with it, and the investigators aim to find out why.


According to the Travel Channel, the special shows Bagans opening the Dybbuk Box for the first time in his career. He examines the artifact, searching for any way to understand its power and energy better. Everyone in the crew agrees that the self-isolation of the coronavirus only heightens the mysterious influence of this artifact.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine premieres on Thursday, June 11, at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel. A new episode airs at the same time each Thursday until the finale on July 2. For more on the reality series, spooks and other paranormal-related news, keep it locked to PopCulture.com.