'Ghost Adventures' Star Zak Bagans Claims He Grew Ill During Real-Life 'Conjuring' Home Investigation

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans has visited hundreds of locations around the world while [...]

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans has visited hundreds of locations around the world while investigating the paranormal. But when visiting the Rhode Island home that inspired the hit The Conjuring horror movies, Bagans said he got physically ill. The Travel Channel star told PEOPLE it took him three weeks to recover from his investigation of the home.

"This house made me sick, and I did not recover from this investigation for about three weeks," Bagans told PEOPLE. "It took everything out of me. My body wasn't functioning right. My balance. This place is haunted by something I believe is very ancient."

The 300-year-old house was the home of the Perron family, who reported experiencing physical attacks they believed were linked to possession. They called paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1971, who believed they came face-to-face with a haunted spirit.

"As an investigator, this is the ultimate place to go because of the history," Bagans explained. "Being able to get inside of the house and back inside of this case, reopen these files, learn some things that people don't know about this investigation, was just an absolute thrill."

Bagans did not describe what left him sick by visiting the home, but teased "some really incredible things" he saw during the multi-day investigation of the home. His team, including Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, used infrared binoculars that spotted a "black mass blocking the light and the window of the house."

The reality TV star claimed they found enough evidence that those who live in the home today should be careful.
"I fear for the family that lives there if it progresses," he told PEOPLE. "I know it's a thrill to buy the house and live there, but they need to be very aware of what they could potentially be dealing with."

Bagans also recently appeared in an episode of E! Network's E! True Hollywood Story centered on Annabelle, the possessed doll featured in The Conjuring, its sequels and spin-offs. The story of a possessed doll was inspired by a real Raggedy Ann doll now sitting at the Occult Museum in Connecticut. Bagans claimed he experienced something paranormal during his time with the doll.

"A figure appeared out of her and then went into me," the ghost hunter said. "Next day I'm still recovering from my investigation from Annabelle and all of a sudden, like in the movies, the skies just turn black. They're rumbling and then boom, lightning strikes a light pole where my car is and leaves a huge gash on the light."

He later added, "If I wasn't around that doll, would that have happened?"

Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse, a two-hour special, debuted on Thursday. New Ghost Adventures episodes air Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on Travel Channel.

Photo credit: YouTube/E!