'From Not to Hot': Sugar Bear's Wife Jennifer Hints at Second Wedding Amid Mama June's Drug Case

While most eyes are on Mama June when it comes to the family featured on From Not to Hot, there could be a reason to pay some attention to ex-husband Sugar Bear in the coming months. Jennifer Thompson shared a look at a gigantic ring on her finger, hinting at the possibility that Mike Thompson, better known as Sugar Bear, might be heading to a second, larger wedding.

(Photo: Jennifer Thompson/Instagram)

The image itself shows a beautiful ring with a blue hue for the diamond and a line of stones along the top and bottom.

"Well [Sugar Bear] asked me to marry him again," Thompson shared on Instagram with a heart emoji. "This time with friends and family."

The couple was originally married for the cameras on the We TV series during its first season finale. In the show, Mama June crashes the wedding after being barred from attending by Thompson.

"I don't really care about going to damn Sugar Bear's wedding, but I know how important it is to Alana. I've [got] do something. I've got to fix this," Mama June said during the finale.

"This was all about revenge for Sugar Bear, but now it's about something more important," she said. "It's about being there for Alana when she walks her father down the aisle."

The new ring and announcement of a second wedding left a few fans questioning the validity of the TV marriage.

"Was the first time just for the show?" one fan asked.

"Congratulations but didn't you have family and friends before?" another added.

"Thought you got married in the first season?" a third asked.

Others mixed in their questions with some praise, congratulating the reality star on her impending second act down the aisle.

"Congratulation (sic) are you gonna have it in the backyard again?" one fan asked.

"That ring is so pretty!!" another added. "Was the 1st wedding only done for the show?"

No matter what the truth is about the original nuptials, Jennifer and Sugar Bear are attached for good now and look to affirm that with a new ceremony. Their relationship both on and off the show seems strong, even if their timing seems off. Most attention is on Mama June's legal troubles and issues with boyfriend Geno Doak.

There are also the lingering issues and stress with Sugar Bear and his children, including Honey Boo Boo. She has noted her relationship with her father is not great in the past, with things becoming more stressful thanks to her mother's issues.

"It's not so great. I haven't seen him since… well I've seen him the other day for literally maybe like 5 seconds. Because he came to our house to do interviews. But that was the ONLY reason I've seen him," Honey Boo Boo said. "But he's always up in our area so he could literally just ask to come by for a couple minutes. For just a little bit of time but he never does."


She still indicated that she was interested in spending time with her father, so there is that. His new wife seems to be a major sticking point, though, and she has been painted a villain up to this point.

That said, the new love for Sugar Bear actually wanted the best for Mama June in light of her drug arrest. So maybe things will change?