Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Host Brooke Burke Posts Stunning Instagram Photo Takeover, and Fans Are Here for It

Brooke Burke's Instagram followers got a welcome surprise on Friday when the former Dancing With the Stars host posted nine photos into their feed. However, they might have seemed a bit odd. That's because the 47-year-old model posted one large photo in nine different parts, which came together on her profile to form one collage.

(Photo: Instagram / @brookeburke)

The stunning shot, which features Burke swimming in a brown bathing suit, was an advertisement for Eighth Day Skincare, as she revealed along with an inspirational message.

"Our gift to you | its time," she wrote. "My beauty secrets are no secret. I work each day to be the very best version of myself. To not let time define me. This is my EIGHTH DAY. ***STAY TUNED FOR MY OFFICIAL LAUNCH, BRAND VIDEO, AND GIVEAWAY WITH EIGHTH DAY SKINCARE ON AUG 1st."

In the comments, fans didn't seem to mind the ad and focused on how great she looked in the photo.

"This is so so good," one fan wrote.

A second added, "Dreeeeeamy."

A third user wrote, "I love this!"

This isn't the first time Burke raised eyes with a revealing photo. Back in April, she revealed a bottomless shot to show off her muscle tone, and social media lit up.

(Photo: Instagram / @brookeburke)

"I was so scared to post that pic," she told HollywoodLife afterwards. "It was a female curated shoot, and I really decided to just be brave and do it and celebrate women and own my sensuality at my age."

She added, “It really wasn’t about a sexy pic, for me. It was about muscle tone, and the ability to sculpt my body, and I thought long and hard honestly, about what message am I really putting out there to women. I’m raising three daughters and what is this about and then I thought: ‘You know what I worked my ass off for my body’ and admitted this inside and it was an absolute celebration.”