'Flipping Out' Star Jenni Pulos Reveals She Is Heartbroken After Jeff Lewis Ousted Her

After years of friendship as well as a professional relationship, Bravo stars Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis had a serious falling-out this spring that led to Pulos' dismissal from Lewis' company, Jeff Lewis Design.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on Monday's episode of Cohen's Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, Pulos revealed that she is "heartbroken" after being fired by Lewis.

"I never filed a claim, I really worked for him, we were really friends," she said. "[I'm] heartbroken about how it's all transpired, but I wish him the best. I always have."

Cohen has been friends with Pulos and Lewis for years and shared that he was also saddened to learn of their falling out.

"I'm so uncomfortable with this entire fight as you know because the three of us came up together in Bravo," he said. "I was with you guys from the very beginning. I never enjoy a fight but this one I hate. It's very upsetting to me. I watched the finale, and it's like watching my parent splitting up or like my brother or sister."

Pulos spoke about her dismissal for the first time last week, telling PEOPLE that Lewis fired her in May after a lunch, which will air during Flipping Out, which she has appeared on for over 10 years.

"I had no idea it was coming," she said. "I didn't decide. He decided he was going to terminate me from his business and so then in turn, the decision was made. I always saw myself seeing the show through."

"It was puzzling to me. He said he wanted me to go and do my thing," Pulos continued. "We see things very differently. I believed I had been an asset to his business and he believed differently, I imagine."

The 45-year-old is still an executive producer on Flipping Out but shared that she decided not to continue to appear on the show in a "friend" role, saying, "I was not going to fake a friendship."

"After the final disagreement, I decided I was not going to continue a friendship with someone who thought of me the way he did," she added of Lewis.

Lewis, who had publicly slammed Pulos after their split was reported, soon responded to Pulos' comments on his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live!.

The 48-year-old accused Pulos of lying about the circumstances surrounding their falling out, and also furthered his previous claim that their relationship was faked for television and that Pulos reported him to Bravo and show executives for harassment and abuse.

"It's semantics at this point," Lewis said of his allegations regarding the report. "She mentioned in the article that she never made a formal complaint...Maybe you didn't walk into HR with your attorney but you made accusations. And those accusations had to have been investigated."


"I would never make something like this up because it is damaging to my reputation and my career," he continued. "So that is not something I would ever make up."

Photo Credit: Getty / Gabriel Olsen