Farrah Abraham Has 'Teen Mom' Fans Swarming Over Skimpy Bikini Video Alongside Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham found a way to direct some attention her way by sharing a new TikTok video on her Instagram page in which she wore an incredibly tiny bikini. The clip also featured Abraham's frequent co-star, her 11-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham, who may have helped film her mother strike poses poolside. Hundreds of Teen Mom fans flooded the comments section and some were quite horrified by what they saw.

The clip shows Abraham, 29, posing by the pool at her Los Angeles home and putting oil on her skin before stretching out on a chair. Sophia makes an appearance at the very end, smiling for the camera with her mother. "[Sophia] can't handle summer break," Abraham wrote in the caption. "Thank God it's summer break."

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The comments section is filled with remarks from fans, many of whom were concerned for Sophia. "Does this child have friends?" one person asked. "Yeah and Sophia filmed her mom getting all oiled up like that. So much wrong with this. Whyyyyy," another chimed in. Another Instagram user called the video "so disturbing."

Abraham has often been criticized for her parenting, usually for putting Sophia in situations inappropriate for an 11-year-old. Just last week, fans were shocked when Abraham shared a TikTok "skit" in which she hit Sophia with a boxed vibrator she pulled from the back seat of her car. Abraham also included a puppy, and fans were worried the dog was being used as a prop. "Was that a [vibrator] you [basically] stuck in your [kid's] face.? Lmao classy," one fan wrote. "I was almost ok with this until the vibrator in your kids face, I don't care if it was in a box! That's just weird and wrong," another wrote.


In May, Abraham shared another post that drew the ire of social media. She referred to herself as a "widowed mother" on Mother's Day even though she is technically not a widow. Sophia's father, Derek Underwood, died in a car crash before she was born. However, Abraham and Underwood were not married at the time of his death.

The former Teen Mom OG star's Instagram page has mostly become another venue for her TikTok videos in recent months, although she also promotes her YouTube page. On Sunday night, she went live on YouTube to talk about race amid the protests against racial inequality. "Had a blast on live chat, such empowerment with great men & woman over coming inner family racism, hate & cruel ways of raising kids," Abraham wrote after wrapping up. "I look forward to more amazing discussions that bring out some of my best therapy over the years that have unlocked living my best life and fighting against racism, sexism, hate and much more!"