'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Called out by Daughter Sophia After Drive-Thru Outburst

Farrah Abraham is always finding ways to keep herself in the spotlight alongside her daughter, Sophia. Both are social media stars, they've joined with the TikTok revolution and they're still teasing a potential return to television. But that doesn't mean they always see eye-to-eye. The mother and daughter team were recently at the drive-thru together with a complaint, and daughter Sophia called her mother a nasty name.

The video was posted on TikTok by Sophia earlier in May before reposted by her mother with a caption about how her daughter managed a sweet burn on her. If anything, it would seem Sophia is blazing a personality for herself, even if it takes some help from mom.

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"Me trying this drive-thru thing during Covid," Abraham captioned the Instagram post. "[Sophia Abraham] putting me on blast ... [TikTok] May have a new name for me." That name would be "Karen" according to Sophia, adding it to the video as a sticker.

Abraham argued in the clip that showed herhe drive-thru at Jack In The Box. Abraham also tagged the company on the social media platform. While her daughter was dunking on her, several commenters also joined in to question why Abraham posted the video.

"Why are you always so combative in life!? just chill out and enjoy what you have," one critic wrote.

"Your sense of reality is mind boggling. This is truly a first world problem. Get a grip. Just be kind," another added.

"You're trying to get free food from Jack in the Box the next day? You must be completely broke!" a third wrote, assuming the worst about the former reality star.


"You are aware businesses are struggling right now? So maybe get off their case and realize they have enough going on to be dealing with this. It ain’t cute," a final wrote, reminding Abraham about the ongoing pandemic.

The reality star was unfazed, though, according to The Blast. In the comments of the post, she responded that "customer service" wasn't dead. The outlet also added that it is the latest example of Abraham making light of the pandemic and commenting on customer service issues. Safe to say that she won't be making friends in the service industry any time soon.