Farrah Abraham Faces Backlash for Daughter's Birthday Blowout

Farrah Abraham celebrated her daughter Sophia's 9th birthday with a big bash in Hollywood, but some fans were not exactly happy to see the Teen Mom OG star shower Sophia with gifts.

On Friday, the 26-year-old Abraham posted four photos on Twitter from a full day of partying with her daughter. One photos shows Sophia jumping on a bed with "Happy Birthday" spelled out behind her with balloons. The other photos show her at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with a logo mimicking The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

"I love you my gorgeous, smart, talented, loving, wonderful daughter & I'm so proud of you how your turning into a young lady and making this world a better place ! Love, Mom," Abraham wrote. She added the hashtags, Happy Birthday! and one for her name, Sophia Abraham.

Some fans thought the photos were all for show, and an attempt for Abraham to grab more attention.

"SADLY, THIS IS NOT FOR SOPHIA, IT'S FOR YOU, Farrah. SUCKING UP ALL THE ATTENTION YOU CAN. ... Oh, did you get the rights to use 'The Suite Life' tag line/logo from Disney? --- Oh, & Happy Birthday Sophia. Don't let your Mom suck all the attention on YOUR day," one person yelled.

"Making this world a better place unlike her mom," another person wrote.

"How is she making the world a better place at 9? Just let her be a kid," another wondered.

A few others skipped the nasty comments to just wish Sophia a happy birthday.

"Happy 9th birthday Sophia my daughter also Just turned 9! Hope you're day is amazing," one mother wrote.

"I don't agree with everything Farrah does or has done, but nobody can doubt that she loves her daughter!!! Wishing Sophia a wonderful 9th birthday and hope her day is filled with happiness," another added.

Abraham has been focusing more on her adult entertainment career and raising Sophia alone than being a star of an MTV reality show. In fact, she has shown support for a petition to get MTV and Viacom to cancel the Teen Mom shows. On Thursday, she retweeted a link to a petition that now has 174 signatures, including one from Abraham.

"We believe everyone involved in the creation of these shows started out with good intentions... However, over the years the tone of the shows have changed, with the focus being high ratings and monetary gain," petitioner Leslie McMahon wrote.

Abraham has called out Teen Mom's producers and claimed she was fired last fall for her work in the adult entertainment industry. She later said that was not true, but still lashes out and live tweets episodes.


In a video on Tuesday, she criticized MTV, telling her fans, "I can't work with sabotaging, slanderous, manipulative, hateful and discriminating."

Abraham has been involved with MTV since the start of 16 and Pregnant in 2009. She returned to the network in 2015 for Teen Mom OG.