Farrah Abraham Reveals She Blocked 'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Amid Split From Ex-Husband David Eason

Farrah Abraham has commented again on a situation she is not directly involved in. The former Teen Mom OG star revealed that she "blocked" Jenelle Evans on social media so she would avoid inserting herself into the drama. However, that did not stop her from commenting on what is going on between Evans and her estranged husband, David Eason, in interviews.

"I'm really happy for whatever choice the women take in bettering their family dynamics," Abraham told HollywoodLife. "I actually did block her because I am just not wanting to insert myself into someone's relationship. That is not my place."

The former MTV reality star continued, "I think to confide in a therapist or a third party outside of TV and those things. I think that is (much) more healthier for someone getting out of a relationship because I know intricacies of TV in her relationship and I just didn't think I would be the best person to confide in or talk to about that. So I just kind of removed myself. I think that's probably the best friend thing I could do there."

Abraham told HollywoodLife she was "mixed up" when it came to deciding how to feel about Evans' divorcing Eason, especially in light of the news about Evans getting a restraining order against Eason.

"You know, if someone's being abused, I just want to say all women need to be smart enough and just focus on themselves and their children," Abraham said. "If there is abuse, don't let abuse occur or happen."

Later, Abraham said she is "always proud" of Evans and is "actually proud of a lot of the women moving forward and making better choices."

Although Abraham said this week she did not want to "insert myself into someone's relationship," she has commented on Evans' personal life several times throughout 2019. Just last month, she spoke about the restraining order with TooFab.

"If there is abuse in those things there are helplines for women, there are many other things that is for that," Abraham said at the time. "I think that the whole situation is tricky because when you live with someone, you have babies with them, getting restraining orders are not likely... I just know that from getting restraining orders on exes... and I don't even have babies with them. It's just relationships."

In May, after Eason temporarily lost custody of her children in the fallout of Eason's shooting of the family dog Nugget, Abraham told HollywoodLife Evans had to "value herself."

"It's sad for Jenelle — she chooses fame and attention before her kids," Abraham said at the time. "No more crying police calls, recording a man treating you bad — she needs to learn to value herself. I feel bad for how broken she is."


On Oct. 31, Evans announced she was filing for divorce from Eason, six months after the dog-shooting incident. Her restraining order against Eason was extended through Jan. 13.

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