Farrah Abraham Responds to 'Jealous' Catelynn Lowell Following Exit From Boxing Match

After months of promoting her anti-bullying celebrity boxing match, Farrah Abraham suddenly pulled out days before the match was supposed to happen this weekend. Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell, who was looking forward to attending, slammed Abraham, who swung back in a new interview Saturday.

The Atlantic City match was supposed to pit Abraham against Flavor of Love star Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander and be officiated by reality star Drita D'Avanzo. Lowell was going to be in the audience, and called Abraham a "scared sissy" on Instagram after the former Teen Mom OG star backed out.

"Anyone associated to the criminal fraud promoters, Michael Mak of BoomCups and Damon Feldman, are all to be advised to cease and desist using my name for attention of their failed fight to steal money and use celebrities including [Nicole] 'Hoopz' [Alexander], Catelynn [Lowell], and other low-class wannabe celebrities like Drita, who all were planning to make a mockery of anti-bullying, and as some are moms, it's disgusting," Abraham told Hollywood Life Saturday in response to Lowell's comments.

Abraham later criticized Lowell and the other Teen Mom personalities who were going to Atlantic City to see the fight.

"Gone are the days I'm around people who are jealous of me — it's clear I'm the winner over the bullies of this failed event. I've still won — I'm in the Maldives, where they can't even afford to come," Abraham said. "Atlantic City is more in their bracket, and happy they paid to watch me."

She then said she would never watch the "fake Teen Mom trash drama anymore," adding that "The Kardashian parenting is much better to watch. Hope the show doesn't tank, but looks like it has without me. Going snorkeling!"

Teen Mom OG actually airs on MTV Mondays, while E! Network airs Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sundays.

Abraham reportedly started backing out of the match last week over promised hotel and travel arrangements. Promoter Damon Feldman and his attorneys later sent a cease and desist letter to Abraham, demanding she stop publicly defaming them after she told TMZ that Feldman was bullying her and accused him of not meeting the terms of her contract.

The day after she received the cease and desist letter, Abraham sent a statement to PEOPLE, in which she called everyone associated with setting up the match "criminals."

"The public now knows the truth," Abraham said. "All parties associated, including the women now fighting are frauds. Samantha Goldberg, Damon Feldman, Michael Makowski and Boom Cups all need to cease and desist using my face and name for press and publicity. They're criminals."

In another statement, Abraham's attorney, David Weintraub, told The Blast that Abraham had "no choice" but to back out of the "debacle."

"The promoter has been been in breach of the contract, he has not delivered on anything that was promised in the contract," Weintraub said. "Mostly, it was based on misinformation about his financial situation. We wish him the best with the low-end, mockery of an exhibition fight. He also never secured a proper pay-per -view deal which was in the contract, or sold enough tickets."

Feldman, Golberg and their attorney, Tony List, are reportedly considering suing Abraham.


The boxing match is still scheduled for Saturday night at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel, with Abraham replaced by another female boxer.

Photo credit: Presley Ann/FilmMagic/Getty Images