Farrah Abraham's Rep Claims Arrest Was 'Misunderstanding'

Farrah Abraham's representatives are claiming that the Teen Mom personality's Tuesday night arrest was nothing but a "misunderstanding" and that she has not yet been charged with misdemeanor battery and trespassing.

In a statement to PopCulture.com, Elizabeth Lloyd, a rep for the former MTV star said, "This situation has been blown out of proportion. Farrah has not been charged and was released this afternoon. A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing. Farrah is the hardest working individual I know and sets very high standards for herself."

"She has been working on a number of deadlines for new projects and business ventures; she is immaculate in her work ethic and pushes herself harder than her team recommends sometimes. Farrah is a powerhouse and was having a business meeting in the hotel where the alleged incident happened. She is a very sweet and ambitious young woman who has been portrayed in a biased light on a reality television studios," the statement added.

(Prosecutors typically have 72 hours after an arrest to file charges after a suspect is booked into jail on allegations of a crime.)

Abraham was arrested at The Beverly Hills Hotel for allegedly hitting a security guard attempting to get her to leave an altercation with another guest, TMZ first reported. In a video obtained by the publication, Abraham can be heard cursing out police and accusing them of attempting to "provoke" her.

She was booked into jail on misdemeanor charges and released on $500 bail on Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, a rep for Abraham told Radar, "Farrah will return and continue to focus on her business and her daughter, which is her number one priority. Please remember there [are] two sides to every story."

Abraham has a previous arrest on her record from 2013, when she pleaded guilty to a DUI in Omaha, Nebraska. She agreed to six months of probation, a $500 fine and six months of court-mandated sobriety.

Abraham's mom, Debra Danielsen, told Radar that in light of her daughter's most recent arrest, she will be meeting with a lawyer to discuss filing for custody of her 9-year-old granddaughter Sophia, who was spotted on social media hanging out with her mom in the hotel's pool hours before the arrest.

"She needs to be with her family, not about strangers and volatility and her mother being arrested," Danielsen told the publication. "It's very disgusting. She needs to go to school… She needs to not be dragged on a party all over the world."


Radar reported Wednesday that Abraham is scheduled to appear in court on June 15.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham