Farrah Abraham's Mom Slams 'Teen Mom OG' Replacement Mackenzie McKee: 'It's Bizarre'

Farrah Abraham's mom thinks MTV may have made a mistake replacing her daughter with Teen Mom 3 alum Mackenzie Mckee.

Abraham alleges she was let go due to "sex shaming" regarding her work in the adult entertainment industry in a $5 million lawsuit against production company Viacom, and is concentrating on bringing her acting skills to scripted roles, she told PopCulture.com exclusively.

But that doesn't keep mom Debra Danielsen from wondering if McKee will be successful in her new role.

"I don't know how relatable a female body builder is," she told Radar Monday. "It's a bizarre choice knowing our demographic. I feel like it's a little disjointed."

While she doesn't understand the casting department's decision, Danielsen said she wishes the 23-year-old mother of three well, and expressed sympathy for the new cast member's mother, who is currently battling stage 4 brain cancer.

"She has a relatable story with her mom being ill," Danielsen continued. "If Mackenzie took over there would be a new dimension. I hope she does well."

Leaving behind her Teen Mom family is "very sad" for Danielsen, despite her daughter's reassurance to PopCulture.com that she feels "sound" leaving at the "height of Teen Mom history."

"I love the cast and crew because we've been together for 10 years," Danielsen told Radar. "It's personally very hard for me not to be there. It's very difficult."

While Danielsen said she wasn't sure if she would be attending the Teen Mom OG reunion filming, which occurred over the weekend, an inside source revealed to Us Weekly that she did appear on stage for the taping.

"Farrah's mom did make an appearance at the reunion. But [Farrah] wasn't there, nor her dad," the source said, adding that she was "surprisingly rational and calm."

Abraham, meanwhile was spotted spending time with her new boyfriend, stuntman Aden Stay, in Los Angeles.

"Aden is amazing," the 26-year-old told Us last week. "I'm a lucky woman and feel blessed. We have just started our relationship and I feel like I met someone who is amazing."

The MTV celeb also gushed about how proud she is of her new beau. "I love that he's Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities," she said. "I can't say enough great things about him. I'm a lucky woman."


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV