Farrah Abraham Flushes 'Ex on the Beach' Co-Star's Shoes Down the Toilet

Farrah Abraham got a bit of a time out on Ex on the Beach after a fight between her and Nurys Mateo escalated to kicking and property damage, but that didn't stop the Teen Mom alum's rage.

Thursday's episode of the MTV reality show picked up after last week's fight between Farrah and Nurys over Janelle Shanks' ex turned into a brawl, with Farrah kicking Nurys in the crotch before security got involved.

Nurys made her way upstairs into the women's shared room, where she ripped the "Free Farrah" posters made by the rest of the houseguests when she had to exit the house to appear in court as part of her June arrest for battery, resisting arrest and trespassing.

When Farrah found the torn posters, she was even further incensed, telling the cameras, "Don't attack all of my amazing amazing signs that my housemates spent their time on making for me!"

Nurys didn't shy away from admitting what she had done, further egging Farrah on to the point where she took Nurys' sneakers and flushed them in the toilet.

"Disrespect me, disrespect my stuff, you will not be respected and karma's a b—," Farrah said, shouting as she walked away, "Don't threaten me; don't trip me; don't f—ing attack me."

Because of the show's anti-violence policy, both women, as well as Janelle, were sent to live in hotels for the night, which probably was best for Farrah based on her legal status at the time.

As Cheyenne Parker noted, "She's in a very precarious legal situation right now; she probably shouldn't be kicking anyone right now."

Returning to the house the next day, Farrah was determined to avoid the other women, proclaiming, "I'm just staying away from literally everything, everyone and f— 'em."

But when Nurys confronted her to bury the hatchet over what had happened, Farrah wouldn't admit to her part in the fight, explaining that she responded "better than a normal human being, because a normal human being wouldn't have stopped hitting [Nurys]."

When Nurys told her not to "play victim," Farrah popped off, claiming her foe couldn't know what was happening, because she was drinking at the time.

"This b— is delusional," Nurys said. "Farrah doesn't care about anyone in this house but herself and sleeping."

Walking away from the situation, shouting that Nurys was a "whore," Farrah showed that she didn't plan on backing down anytime soon, telling the cameras, "I know I'm a bigger person. Do I need to apologize to someone who put that on themselves? Who called that for themselves? Who f—ing deserves worse than what she got? No."

When the power for the week's vote was flipped to the exes in a surprise twist, Nurys campaigned for Farrah to leave the house, but in the end, her fate was left until next week's episode with a "to be continued..."

Is Farrah done for in the Ex on the Beach house?


Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV