Farrah Abraham's Ex Simon Saran Bashes 'Teen Mom' Hater

Simon Saran, Farrah Abraman's ex-boyfriend, argued with a Teen Mom hater on Twitter Wednesday night before Being Simon: A Teen Mom Special aired.

The argument started when Saran decided to respond to River Zain Ceballos' tweet criticizing MTV for giving Saran a special.

"@MTV @TeenMom_OG why in the hell are you giving @SimonSaran his own special when he constantly bashes the entire cast, the franchise, etc?" Ceballos tweeted.

"Because I'm gangster like that. Now go back into your cubicle before you get back handed," Saran wrote back.

Ceballos, an actor, called Saran a "joke" and a "clown," and Saran wouldn't let that slide.

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"Stop hating kid. Keep doing what your doing. One day you may get your own segment, one day," Saran wrote back.

"I've been on TV screens way before your balls dropped. Don't flatter yourself. I just don't see how someone who hates the franchise can get," Ceballos replied.

The argument went on, with Saran telling Ceballos to "show me your paycheck for last week."

"I'll give you a pass. But please remember that America laughs at you [100] if you didn't have a little money Farrah wouldn't even look your way," Ceballos replied.

"Lol a pass. Get yourself a bus pass. That's what you'll need. You'll forever be a Hollywood f**k boy that never made it. I do this for sh**s," Saran wrote.

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Ceballos told Saran to "stop doing it" and that "no one likes you & the constipated face you make in all of your scenes when Farrah's yelling at you."

"No that's my face sh**ting on your career," Saran wrote.

"OK it clear you've run out of comebacks & you're embarrassing yourself so I'll just say goodbye [wave emoji] if you want a real reality tv career lmk," Ceballos wrote in his last message to Saran.

"Ooooo nice one! F**k out of here," Saran wrote in his last tweet in the argument.


Saran and Abraham have had an on-again, off-again relationship for awhile. At one point, Abraham bought herself an engagement ring thinking Saran would pay for it, notes Us Weekly. While it looked like the relationship was done for good, they went on a trip to Greece, which sparked more rumors that they were back together.

"We are just friends and I think it's better if we keep it at that level," Saran told E! News in September. "Her head game changed my mind. She's great at it. Definitely knows how to cheer one up and put one in a better mood."