Farrah Abraham Dragged by 'Teen Mom' Fans After Harvard Blunder

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham recently claimed she is enrolled in Harvard University, even putting it on her LinkedIn profile. She also allegedly announced this on Facebook, but she misspelled the Ivy League institution's name, which caused quite a few Teen Mom fans to laugh on Reddit. In late March, she responded to one fan who asked why she claimed to have a degree from Harvard.

On her LinkedIn page, Abraham, 29, claims she is earning a Masters of Liberal Arts in the creative writing and literature graduate program. Of course, some fans noticed this, and one TikTok fan asked her about it "Why does your LinkedIn say you have a Masters in liberal arts at Harvard University? You do know how easy it is to fact check?" Abraham called the fan a "hater" and said her "bank account doesn't lie and neither does my baby." She then moved her phone to show her daughter Sophia sitting next to her. "Where is your mom enrolled for school right now?" Abraham asked. "Harvard," Sophia replied. Abraham then told the fan to "cry."


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Abraham continues to insist she is enrolled at Harvard, but when she announced this on Facebook, she made a mistake. A Reddit user shared a screenshot allegedly showing Abraham claiming she will be starting at "Havard" in a month. Other Reddit users ridiculed Abraham for the spelling error. "Maybe she meant that she’s watching Legally Blonde on Netflix," one person wrote. "She’s not even using the 'so-called' education she has.... for anything!!! She doesn’t work... and I don’t know WHERE she’s getting her money," another critic wrote. Many others speculated that Abraham might have enrolled in one of the many free classes Harvard now offers online.

Although Abraham has not been on Teen Mom OG in three years, she continues to get attention thanks to her social media antics. Just last month, fans called her a "hypocrite" for complaining about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's performance of "WAP" during the Grammy Awards. In the past, Abraham appeared in a sex tape and worked in the adult entertainment industry.

In January, Abraham said she was going to leave Twitter after former President Donald Trump was kicked off the platform. Fans did not believe Abraham, since she continues posting on Twitter to this day. She also raised eyebrows in January when she tried to share a motivational speech to her fans. However, she was clearly sitting in her bathroom and eating while talking, and her speech appeared to go off-topic, leaving fans confused.