Farrah Abraham's Daughter Receives Backlash for Defending Mother With 'Hate Crimes' Message

Sophia Abraham is only 8 years old, but that doesn't keep her from facing backlash on Instagram. After posting about how she supported her mother Farrah Abraham, Instagram users took to social media to school the single mom and voice their concern for the child.

"I support my mom making entertainment a safer environment for other kids and moms! Go Mom! Thank you for always standing up for what's right and helping others your a great parent for fighting for what is right," Sophia wrote in the caption to a video of herself with her mother.

The caption continued, "[Viacom] [MTV] [Teen Mom] shame on [Matt Freeman] at 11th street productions & [Anxious Engines Productions] Dia Sokal Viacom should not allowed women hating hate crimes."

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The post came after Abraham said she was fired from Teen Mom because of her career as an adult entertainer. She later said on Nov. 1 that she was not fired from the show.

Some Instagram users thought Sophia's post was "disgusting" and wondered if she realized what line of work her mother is in.

"Does Sophia know she's supporting you masturbate on camera 'Camsoda.com' for thousands of creepy old men in exchange for Versace perfume, size 9 heels, [and] housewares?" one user wrote. "Don't involve your child in adult issues. She doesn't even know what she's supporting. Jesus Farrah."

"She's proud of her mom for standing up but little does she know that her mom does a whole lot of laying on her back to get what she wants in life," another added. "[Farrah Abraham] you get more and more disgusting each day that passes. Your child should have no say on subjects that involve the adult porn industry. Shameless."

Another accused Abraham of putting words in her daughter's mouth.

"Putting words in your Daughters mouth... one day Sophia will break away from your brainwashing and think for herself! Can't wait to read that book," one user wrote.

Some felt bad for Sophie being put in this position.

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"Wow! This is ridiculous that [Farrah Abraham] puts her daughter in this position to make her say things a kid should have no business having to say," another Instagram user wrote. "Your (sic) a poor excuse for a mom and a human your a horrible person! And your poor daughter is following your footsteps poor kid!"

The 26-year-old Abraham gave birth to Sophie in 2009. Sophie's father, Derek Underwood, died in a car crash in December 2008.