Farrah Abraham Reveals Daughter's 'Teen Mom' Future

Teen Mom OG will no longer be a family affair for Farrah Abraham.

The 26-year-old MTV star revealed to InTouch Tuesday that her 8-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham will no longer be appearing on the show after this current season, which has already been filmed.

Farrah revealed her decision when asked about her daughter's future career opportunities.

"I don't know. It's really what was given in my life. I have to say, I try to do it in a whole other level with all of my brands — I try to deal with the next level," Farrah said about her career in the adult entertainment industry. "I will say Sophia is not going to continue to be on Teen Mom. Sophia is not going to continue to talk about sex and unplanned pregnancies and all that stuff — so she'll go on to do something better and hopefully she'll be doing makeup brands or clothing."

The young girl already has a children's boutique, Sophia Laurent, named after her, and she is often seen at promo events with her mother.

Farrah's disintegrating relationship with MTV may be part of the reason behind her decision.

After she was "fake" fired from the show by producers who "sex-shamed" and bullied her over her career as an adult entertainer, Farrah has spoken out against the show numerous times.

When the series was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Unscripted Reality Series last week, Farrah responded that Teen Mom likely wouldn't win as it's "as it's very structured, manipulated by the network, production & almost scripted story lines at this point..."

She also opened up about the infamous face slap between Amber Portwood and her, saying the fight was staged by producers.

"Amber was provoked by production to run on stage and instigate a fight with me," she told Radar. "They shut off all TVs on set and tried to remove all families and children beforehand. They instigated bad criminal behavior on set."

Abraham also accused producers of provoking fights between her mom, Debra Danielsen, and dad, Michael Abraham.

"I had producers always ask me questions and then go run and tell my parents," she said. "They make things manipulated, not authentic and due to this I couldn't even talk to Sophia's father before he passed away."

She continued, "Production should never cross boundaries and ruin the natural family interactions as the 'Teen Mom' associated production companies and MTV allowed repeatedly. It becomes an issue and struggle between what's real and manipulated by production rather than focus on the real lives and stories."


Photo credit: Getty/Jon Kopaloff