Farrah Abraham Calls 'Teen Mom' Fake, Raves About TLC's 'Unexpected'

One of the OG Teen Mom cast members is going on record saying her own show is "fake," while praising TLC's new show Unexpected.

Farrah Abraham, whose relationship with MTV's producers is complicated at best, slammed her reality show Wednesday.

"love Unexpected [TLC] how honest and non scripted it is!! Honest story telling!" she wrote. "[MTV] needs to take notes their fake teen mom quality is not even credible to watch anymore."

Unexpected, which premiered last week, promises an unscripted view of having a baby while still a teen and has received rave reviews on social media so far.

Abraham also retweeted former 16 and Pregnant cast member Nikkole Paulun, who echoed her remarks.

"Farrah's right," she added. "Teen Mom is so unrealistic that people don't even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore. I hope this new show gets the message out better than MTV has."

Abraham and the MTV producers recently had a falling out after the 26-year-old said she was fired and "sex-shamed" for being an adult entertainer by the network's producers.

She then walked back her claims, saying the firing had been faked to get a rise out of her, calling the incident a "hate crime."

It's unclear whether Abraham will appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, but she has appeared in the trailers that have been released.

Teen Mom OG premieres its new season on Monday, Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.