Farrah Abraham Bleeding Instagram Followers Amid New Year's Drama Over Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham continues to lose Instagram followers, and while it is not clear if this is due to the content of the former Teen Mom OG star's Instagram page or Instagram's purge of spam accounts, her latest drop was documented following her controversial holiday posts. Abraham is now posting more videos than ever on her Instagram page and has not shared traditional still images since last summer.

Back in October 2019, Cheat Sheet noticed that Abraham's followers dropped from 2.21 million followers to 2.17 million. On Saturday, Cheat Sheet reported her number of followers dropped again to 2.09 million.

Again, the decrease in followers could be the result of Instagram deleting spam accounts. It could also be because Abraham's recent Instagram and social media activity appears to mainly serve the purpose of keeping her in the headlines and antagonizing followers.

For example, on Dec. 31, Abraham flaunted spending New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Dubai, sharing a video of herself scantily clad on her hotel bed. Abraham strangely tagged 10-year-old daughter Sophia, which many fans found inappropriate.

Abraham's most recent Instagram post is actually a TikTok video she made with Sophia, showing the two dancing to Doja Cat's "Say So." In the clip, Abraham's dance moves are clearly off, and fans accused her of not practicing before recording. Noticeably, the video only has 222,600 views, despite Abraham's huge Instagram following.

"Why don't you practice first then record. This looks ridiculous," one fan wrote.

"WoW! These tik toks get worse n worse," another wrote. "Can't help but laugh at the sheer element of cringe. no rhythm, no coordination, they look lost like if this if them trying. wow. Just wow."

"Off beat. No talent whatsoever plain embarrassing," another wrote.

"[Please] learn the words and dance moves [laughing out loud]," another chimed in.

In another bizarre TikTok video, she was seen dancing while drinking a bottle of Pepsi with two neighbors. The video left fans completely confused, and has just 94,000 views since it was published on Jan. 9.

In December, Abraham might have crossed a line with some fans when she shared footage of her latest vagina rejuvination procedure.


Abraham left Teen Mom OG for good in 2018, after she claimed MTV pushed her out of the show for her work in the adult entertainment industry. She went on to appear in Ex on the Beach for MTV. She once offered to return to Teen Mom if her replacement, Cheyenne Floyd, was dropped from the show.

Photo credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images