Farrah Abraham Blasted by Fans After 9-Year-Old Daughter Sophia's Latest Post

Farrah Abraham fans love to hate on her for her parenting choices.

The Teen Mom OG veteran's daughter Sophia raised eyebrows after she shared a picture on Friday of all the gifts the tooth fairy left her on her Instagram account, with many thinking it may be too much.

"Just woke up at 4:30 AM!!! The tooth fairy came with my favorite roses, and A LOT of money I can't believe my eyes!" the 9-year-old wrote on the caption of the Instagram post, as first reported by InTouch.

(Photo: Instagram / @farrah_abraham)

Some fans took issue when they noticed the big pile of cash displayed in the photo, and claimed that the gift might have been too much.

"SPOILED BRAT at its finest!!!" one Instagram user wrote.

"Farrah's bragging is disgusting. Get over yourself we all knew what you had to do to get that money," another added.

"What happened to giving $5 for a tooth? I'm sure she would have been just as happy with that. Or even just the roses. Not the wad of cash," added another.

Not all fans were haters, however, with some defending the Ex on the Beach star.

"it's Farrah's money if she wants to spoil her damn kid then she can she doesn't have to ask for permission," one user commented.

"Y'all, she's a child. Be nice," another one wrote, seemingly reminding the trolls they were commenting on a 9-year-old's Instagram post.

Abraham has not commented on the tooth fairy controversy as of yet.

The new Instagram controversy comes just a few days after Abraham defended herself for posting footage of Sophia dancing in her underwear in Snapchat.

"I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins," she told TMZ of the video Wednesday, adding that she didn't find the clip to be inappropriate as it was filmed in a public fitting area in a Nordstrom.

"Something has to be done for this child but it seems no one around her will step up. Since her mother wants to continue to endanger her and use her for 'publicity' it's time people report Farrah's [Snapchat] to protect Sophia cause this is sick and wrong," one fan commented of the video at the time.


Another one said: "SHE IS A CHILD! We are not prudes for thinking this is wrong! Children are not supposed to be DRESSED provocatively, WITH make up on, and POSED in a sexy way! Farrah, knowing Sophia already has grown men saying perverted things on her account, is exploiting her CHILD! DISGUSTING!"

Photo credit: Getty Images