Farrah Abraham Accuses Ex of 'Stealing Money' From Her on 'Ex on the Beach'

Farrah Abraham has some pretty damning accusations for her ex Simon Saran during her first episode of Ex on the Beach.

In Thursday's Season 2 premiere of the MTV series, the former Teen Mom OG star certainly made her mark on everyone in the beach house with her strong personality and stronger feelings about her ex. The couple's on-again, off-again relationship was seen throughout Teen Mom over the years, but the couple called things off in 2017, seemingly for good.

"He literally kept stealing money from me, saying hurtful things about me as a parent," the reality star, who is mom to 9-year-old Sophia, said in a confessional on Thursday's premiere. "I just now have my guard up."

Saran will make his debut on Ex on the Beach soon enough, and from preview clips of the show, it looks like the two will be a powder keg of drama. But for now, Abraham is making things unpleasant for her fellow houseguests, making demands to the production team and her fellow co-stars that were deemed "too much" early on.

"I like to live with the finer things, and I don’t think there's anything wrong with that," Abraham said of her demands for her own room and five bath towels.

In fact, she continued, "If I could date someone just like myself, that would be perfect. I love myself, and I don’t think there's anything wrong with that."

There were some, however, who did see something wrong with that. Fire Island's Cheyenne Parker told the cameras on just the second day, "Ladies and gentleman, we have a stage five diva. I am literally this close to the end of my rope, and it's day two."

The two even got into a screaming match by the end of the second day, with Parker telling the self-proclaimed A-list celeb of the house she isn't "relevant" after leaving Teen Mom, and saying he didn't need to give birth to get on TV. The other cast members were able to separate the two, but it's doubtful that things are really over between the two.

Saran, prior to his casting on the MTV show, was most recently connected romantically to girlfriend Ashley Hannawacker, but the two are apparently no longer together.

After Abraham was arrested in June for allegedly getting into a fight at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Saran made some pretty defamatory comments about her as well, telling Hollywood Life that a night in jail would give his ex “time to think, although, you need a brain in order to do that," claiming that she "wants to get back with me and begged a few times.”

He also accused Abraham of frequenting "sugar baby websites," claiming, "It’s really sad. I guess when you have a Fendi habit you got to do what you have to do you to support it. It’s sad to see Sophia living with Farrah as she runs her prostitution business."

Looks like this beach vacation isn't going to be as relaxing or romantic as Abraham would have hoped...


Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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