Fans Accuse Farrah Abraham of Animal Abuse for Mistreating Dogs

Farrah Abraham has weathered many accusations during her time in the spotlight, but now she's facing accusations of animal abuse over what some fans perceived as mistreatment of her dogs.

After a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, one fan took to Reddit to share their observation and opinion, as shared by Cafe Mom.

"Was anyone else disturbed by Farrah's treatment of those dogs? She had three dogs in tiny cages, and after she berated them for their behavior (her parenting style) she put a sheet over their crates. For me, that was a really horrifying moment," the fan wrote.

"Dogs shouldn't be locked in tiny crates like that, and covering them with a sheet before resuming a conversation with several people in the same room just seemed cruel. They're not parrots, they're not going to fall asleep just because you put a sheet over their cages," they added.

Finally, the user acknowledged "Farrah's history with animals," and then added, "My heart breaks for those dogs, and I worry for Starburst. So what does everyone think? Am I crazy?"

Many people chimed in with their thoughts, and most of them seemed to resonate with what the initial fan was feeling.

"I think the thing that bothered me the most about Farrah was not the crating itself, but the fact that they were crated while the family was home, and she was also squirting them with water whilst in their crates. Crates are supposed to be a safe haven for dogs and will make them feel cornered, agitated and anxious if they are being squirted in their crates for simply being dogs," one person wrote.


"I was hoping this got noticed! I bet those things are constantly in those crates. Poor pups," another said.

Farrah has not addressed the concerns of her fans at this time.