Fans React to 'RHOA' Drama Between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes

During Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Kim Zolciak Biermann told NeNe Leakes she thought Leakes was on drugs. Fans were stunned by Biermann's comments.

The episode reached a climax at Leakes' house, where she organized "NeNe's Elephant Room Event." She tried to get everyone to clear the elephants in the room between them. The event did not go as planned, with Leakes admitting that nothing was resolved at the end.

After everyone left the event, Leakes sat down with Zolciak, who did not think there was an "elephant in the room" between them. But Leakes explained that she has always felt that their relationship was surface-deep.

Leakes said she thought Zolciak Biermann was off at a party Leakes hosted, but Zolciak said she thought Leakes was on drugs.

"I really wondered if you were on f— drugs at your house," Zolciak said.

"No," Leakes said. "Drugs? What kind of drugs?"

"Pills or something! You're eyes were like... over here," Zolciak replied. "I felt like you were not really there."

"She's pulling s— out of her ass!" Leakes said in her testimonial.

Viewers on Twitter were stunned that Zolciak came up with such a baseless accusation. Some suggested that she needs to be kicked off the show.

"I'm only here for the reunion lol looking at these tweets [Kim Zolciak] should have stayed off the show," one person wrote.

"I know that's right [Kim Zolciak] talking about cleaning you! No ma'am! She's nuts!!!! [Real Housewives of Atlanta]," another added.


"This episode wasn't good just so phoney. [Kim Zolciak] came in with an attitude and talks about [NeNe Leakes] on drugs really, why make s— up #RHOA," another wrote, with the hashtag, "stay in your lane."

RHOA airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.