Why Falynn Pina Won't Join 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Falynn doesn't want to be anywhere near Porsha.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta looking for Porsha Williams and her former "friend" Falynn Pina to reunite in the upcoming season shouldn't hold their breath.  The two were co-stars on the 13th season of the Bravo series, with Pina married to a Nigerian businessman, Simon Guobadia; Williams and Pina were reportedly friends. After the show aired and Williams began dating (and became engaged to) Pina's then-estranged husband, she changed her tune, noting she faked the friendship for the show. 

But Pina provided screenshots of them having out long before taping to prove otherwise. Pina was engaged to and had a baby by Jalyn Banks, whom Guobadia claims she was dating during their marriage. Whatever the overlap was between the foursome doesn't matter as all have split, with Pina and Banks ending their romance, as well as Williams filing for divorce from Guobadia. But Pina says returning to the show won't be a smart move. 

"That wouldn't be a safe scenario…At the end of the day, she know what she did. It can play it out in the media, however…I know what she did, Simon knows what she did, Porsha knows what she did…I wouldn't even put myself in a predicament of even allowing that," Pina told Baller Alert.

While she doesn't blame Williams for the dissolution of her marriage to Guobadia, she doesn't believe she helped. Williams filed for divorce, claiming Guobadia lied about his citizenship status days after reports surfaced that he was in danger of being deported. 

Guobadia has since tried to forbid Williams from filming in their marital mansion, saying he didn't give her permission. Williams is also fighting their signed prenup. 

Williams' and Guobadia's romance was controversial from the start. Her exit from the series after the conclusion of Season 13 appeared strategic to avoid questions about her relationship. Pina and Williams' ex, Dennis McKinnley, have been seen hanging around.