Evicted 'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Kato Kaelin Reveals 'Shocked' Reaction to Vote

Kato Kaelin could not be more shocked that he was the one sent packing Monday night on Celebrity Big Brother. The TV personality and famed criminal trial witness was unanimously evicted 5-0 by his fellow famous houseguests, and told Entertainment Tonight that he did not see it coming.

"I thought Dina Lohan 100 percent was going to vote for me," Kaelin said, adding that he was legitimately shocked that everyone else followed suit.

However, he said he had "no hard feelings" about the way things played out, admitting that he found a new best friend inside the house in alliance partner Tom Green, who he was convinced would be sent home instead of him.

"I kept hearing this, they thought I was a great game player. They kept saying that," Kaelin explained. "I said, 'Tom, that's a bad sign for me.' And Tom said, 'I [Green] will go 5-0.' [But] I [Kaelin] was 5-0."

Kaelin explained that their bromance was the result of loyalty that began very early on in the season. "We just started talking at night, and we made a deal. We shook hands and said, 'Loyalty to the end of this. I'll never double cross you if you never double cross me,'" he said.

Green and Kaelin held true to their word; despite the fact that both of them were nominated for eviction, neither tried any last-minute tactics to throw each other under the bus.

Once Kaelin walked out of the house following his eviction, he kissed the ground inside the CBS studio where host Julie Chen Moonves was waiting to conduct his exit interview.

"I kissed the ground because it was so nice to be back on terra firma!" Kaelin exclaimed. "I was out, I saw people! It's an incredible feeling [to be out]."

He explained that he believes he achieved his goal of helping the world understand who he is, other than a star witness at the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

"The bottom line is, I was so happy that people hopefully saw a different side of me," he explained. "I live for laughter and light… and I always will. I'll always pay it forward."

As far as his predictions go for the future of the show — with Lohan, Green, Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams remaining — Kaelin said he's fearful for his Final Two partner.

"Right now, the house is full of beautiful ladies," he explained. "It's gonna be tough for the ladies not to get rid of the guys."

The previously evicted houseguests are actor Jonathan Bennett, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and actor Joey Lawrence. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci left the game after revealing he was part of a twist. All evicted houseguests will return to vote for the winner of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition during the season finale on Feb. 13.


The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET, with a double eviction planned for Friday's two-hour episode at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.