Watch 'DWTS' Champ Melissa Rycroft Shake up 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team' (Exclusive)

Friday's episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team will see former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and TV personality Melissa Rycroft take the field in an effort to help head choreographer Judy Trammell and director Kelli Finglass decide who will take another step towards making the esteemed team. In an exclusive sneak peek preview of the episode for, titled "Welcome to the Triangle!" Rycroft greets the cheerleaders and watches from the stands in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, while the cheerleading hopefuls complete their nearly 4-minute long routine on the field.

"Joining us tonight we've asked a special person to come back, and she has been a judge for us, and she has been a champion on Dancing With the Stars — Melissa Rycroft is going to join us tonight," Finglass says as Rycroft makes the long walk out to the 50 yard line.

"I'm nervous, I don't know how y'all feel," Rycroft, 36, tells the cheerleaders, who laugh nervously.

"This is the first night they're going to be doing the whole pre-game all connected: entrance, routine, the kick line and the jump splits ... with real spots," Finglass tells Rycroft, who tells the camera in a confessional that spots can be deceiving.

"It's a big deal when you're a rookie," the DWTS champ and Bachelor alum says. "You've got your spot, you know, who you're gonna be around — but it's also kind of deceiving because it gives you a sense of permanence. 'This is my spot.' But it's not their spot yet, and they have to continue to keep fighting if they want that to be their final spot come game time."

With that, the girls take the field to make their entrance and perform the routine, which includes the ever-tricky kick line and jump splits.

"Seeing the girls dance on the football field [is] completely different than in the studio," Ryroft tells the camera. "This is really intimidating. Not to mention the few hundred thousand people that are gonna be sitting around watching you do it."

While the women perform their routine, Rycroft sits between Finglass and Trammell, all three women critiquing the cheerleaders and pointing out areas they think they could improve on.


"Wow, they look kind of not conditioned yet," Finglass says as the clip ends.

Find out who makes the cut and which casualties are made in Friday's episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, airing at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.