'Dancing With the Stars': Bobby Bones Earns His Highest Score Yet on Country Night

Bobby Bones felt right at home on this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars, which celebrated country music on "Country Night." The radio show host danced his heart out to "Can't Help Falling In Love," alongside a live performance by Chris Janson.

Bones and his pro partner, Sharna Burgess, earned a 24/30 score for their latest dance, his highest score of the season so far. While it was the second lowest-score of the night, Bones survived.

Bones, 38, has been one of the most entertaining stars of the season, but his scores from the judges have not been very high. During last week's Halloween episode, he and Burgess got a 22/30 for their dance to "Mr. Sandman." His highest score came back in week three, when he got a 23/30 for his emotional dance to "A Million Dreams." Bones even took to Twitter to apologize for the low scores.

"I'm quite irritated at the scores," Bones tweeted on Oct. 29. "That’s the best I could dance. Vote if you have the time. I’ll get back at it next week and prove them wrong."

He later added, "Sorry I couldn’t get better scores for you guys. That was the best I could dance. Vote for me if you can or want to."

During an episode of his Bobby Bones Show, which he continues to host during the DWTS season, Bones further explained that the low scores make him feel like he is letting everyone down at home.

"I think I'm working more hours on the dance floor than anybody else. I just don't want to let our listeners down, who are watching and voting for me, because I know that's a big thing, to actually pick up a phone and call a TV show," Bones said.

"I did what I felt like was every step right," the Arkansas native said of his "Mr. Sandman" routine. "I thought it was good for me, and I thought it was better than the scores that I got."

Despite the low scores from judges, Bones has stayed on the show through seven weeks thanks to his popularity with viewers at home. He might be hoping that if viewers will vote for his dancing, maybe they will vote for him at the polls. He recently teased a run for Arkansas governor in 2022 or 2026. After that, he might even run for president.

"I grew up with very little, and my education was terrible, so what I want to do is fix impoverished places and fix the education systems," he recently told Entertainment Tonight. "I believe if you can learn, you can actually go and achieve, so that's really the core of what I want to help. There's a lot that I see, but what's my focus is finding people that come from not a lot and showing them that there's a way out."


Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Bobby Bones