Duggar Children Reportedly Growing Tired of Filming 'Counting On'

After a decade of having almost every moment of their lives filmed for television, many of the Duggar children are now adults and getting tired of having cameras with them everywhere.

A source told Radar Online Thursday that some of the children are itching for a break from having cameras recording their lives.

"The kids just don’t want to be in front of the cameras 24/7,” a Duggar insider told Radar.

The Duggars do occasionally have breaks from filming, which allows them to spend time on their courtships.

"They have a big break in between filming to carry on with their lives," the source said. "John David kept his relationship quiet and hidden so he could enjoy time without press."

The source said the family is still interested in keeping the cameras going because of the paychecks they get from TLC, meaning it could be awhile before Counting On ends.

"They will keep doing the show for a while," the insider said.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's family were first the focus of five TLC specials between 2004 and 2007 before they were granted their own show in 2008. Initially launched as 17 Kids And Counting, the show eventually became 19 Kids and Counting as Michelle welcomed two more children during its run. The show was cancelled in 2015 due to the child molestation controversy surrounding their eldest child, Josh Duggar.

In December 2015, TLC launched a spin-off called Counting On, which initially just focused on sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. Two years later, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard announced their family would no longer appear on the show. Dillard was fired for his homophobic comments about Jazz Jennings, the subject of TLC's I Am Jazz. However, Dillard has insisted it was his decision to pull his family from the show.

"Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again, this is how I first heard that I was 'fired,'" Dillard tweeted on Dec. 15. "For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction."

While one Duggar couple is leaving the show, there is a new addition to the family. Last month, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Felicity. They introduced the new baby in a clip released by TLC on July 30.

"It’s incredible being first-time parents," Jinger said. "It’s something that you think about and dream about, but when it’s actually here, I think the reality hits you and it’s just the sweetest thing in the whole world.”


New Counting On episodes air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra