Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman Crushes Death Hoax Stories With Hilarious Photo

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman was recently the victim of a number of death hoax stories, and the reality TV bounty hunter just crushed the rumors with a hilarious photo. Taking to Instagram, Chapman shared a photo of himself holding a paper that reads "I'm Alive!" along with a copy of newspaper for date verification. The photo was attached to a TMZ story that referred to the unfortunate rumors, which Chapman encouraged his followers to read in the post's caption. According to the outlet, the death rumors first popped up on Facebook, and prompted a number if Chapman's fans to issue condolences.

Apparently, Chapman was headed to the gym when he started getting messages and phone calls about his "death," which prompted him to set the record straight.

Chapman's sympathies have since turned into support, as many fans are commenting on his new post with their thoughts on the situation.

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"I just wish the damn news would leave this family alone they have been thru enough back off already let them in peace they are still in mourning leave them alone Dog, my prayers always to you and your family," one fan commented.

"I love you and Beth, I know she's with you every day but you miss her soooooo much that it shows on your face and your eyes . I think she would want to be happy because she knows she'll meet you again in heaven....." another person stated, referring to Chapman's late wife.

"What is wrong with some people? Sick minds and sick joke about someone who as recently lost a loved one ! No shame some people ! Best wishes from the uk," someone else wrote.

"People will just say anything these days it's just disgusting especially after all you and your family have bin through smh," one other user added.

"Dog prayers for u love and bring urself back to ur family and loved ones ,,, we love u Dog and all these rumors need to stop," a fifth user said.


"It's really hurtful to see all the crap that they do too you! My God leave a guy alone, Do they not realize how much stress and deep stabbing heart pain you've been going through Sue the fake news," one last fan commented.

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