Duane 'Dog' Chapman Reveals Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis 3 Months After Wife Beth's Death

Dog's Most Wanted star Duane "Dog" Chapman is facing his own medical issues, just months after the death of his wife, Beth Chapman. In an upcoming episode of Dr. Oz, Chapman revealed that he suffered a pulmonary embolism in the heart when he was hospitalized earlier this month. Mehmet Oz called Chapman a "ticking time bomb."

"You're not going to be here with the heart the way it is right now," Oz said in a clip released by PEOPLE. "Fear of death is normal. I'm surprised you don't fear death when you're chasing after convicts. But when you run away from doctors, that means you have to do your own doctoring."

Oz later told PEOPLE Chapman, 66, was "denying care that he knew would be life saving."

"[Duane] was fearful. Beth had been his north star," Oz continued. "She was the one that would go with him and keep him balanced so he could deal with these things. Losing her took away his biggest support."

Oz said he asked Chapman what Beth would do about his condition. He believes Beth would not want him to throw his life away.

"I said, 'What would Beth do. What would she say to you? I don't think she'd be happy with what you're doing. You're throwing away your life, you're throwing away your ability to parent your kids. You have to man up,'" Oz said. "That's what she would say."

Chapman told PEOPLE he tried to stay away from doctors and hospitals because he did not want to go through the experience again so soon after Beth's death. Now, he is on blood thinners and trying to have a healthier diet. He is also trying to quit smoking.

"Once this goes away, I am 100 percent," the former Dog The Bounty Hunter star said. "I've had fears. The blood clot is not a normal thing but it happens a lot, but I'm going to be 100 percent. I'm encouraged by it."

Chapman was hospitalized earlier this month. There were fears he suffered a heart attack, but tests showed he did not. In his first interview after he was released, Chapman told Denver's FOX31 he thought he was suffering from a broken heart.

"It feels much better now. And I'm going through some psychological things right now too, so that doesn't help," Chapman said. "I think, basically, I had a broken heart. And of course, it's going to heal."

"Dog is back at home and resting comfortably," Dog's team said in a statement after he was released. "He is overwhelmed by the support of fans and friends from around the world, and is deeply touched by the outpouring of prayers, love, and encouragement. While he is following doctor's orders and taking time to heal, he wants everyone to follow DOG'S ORDERS and watch Dog's Most Wanted Wednesday night on WGN America."


Chapman's interview with Oz will air Monday.

Photo credit: Getty Images