Duane 'Dog' Chapman Reveals COVID-19 Paused 'Dog Unleashed' Filming, Cites 'Major Health Risk' of Arrests

Dog Unleashed has temporarily halted production due to COVID-19, Duane "Dog" Chapman announced Wednesday, calling arresting someone amid the pandemic that has killed more than 290,000 Americans "a major health risk" to the bounty hunting team and production staff. The Unleashed! streaming network and show were originally scheduled to debut in 2021.

"Arresting someone right now is a major health risk to our team, and our crew," Chapman tweeted. "With the new Vaccines arriving now, we hope to get back to filming very soon. My team and I apologize for the delay but stay tuned, #DogUnleashed is coming! Love you all !!" The Dog the Bounty Hunter fandom was disappointed but understood the landscape in which the new show was being filmed.

Earlier this week, Dog Unleashed released its first trailer, showing Chapman and his team, including family members Baby Lyssa, Leland and Bonnie Chapman, as well as the son of Dog's fiancée Francie Frane, diving into the hunt for a fugitive in Virginia with ties to political intrigue.

"The world is getting more dangerous, not only because of COVID but with a justice system that is bowing down to these people," Chapman told PopCulture.com in October of the criminals his team is tracking down on the new series. The Dog's Most Wanted alum was also excited for people to see his uncensored thoughts on the Unleashed! network, which he was positive would cause controversy.


"I had been leashed up and told, 'You can't do that,' and, 'You can't have that made public,' so I'm hoping this is my final series," Chapman said of filming his own show for the streaming network in comparison to his past experiences with shows. "I tell [the film team] just shut up and roll.
 ...We're gonna start some controversy, and I think I'm the president of that." He added, "It's the next chapter of my life, and I'm going out with a bang."