Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Fiancee Francie Frane Post 'Family Day' Photo Featuring Daughter Bonnie

Duane "Dog" Chapman and fiancee Francie Frane spent the weekend together at a Colorado pumpkin patch with their family. Bonnie Chapman, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star's 21-year-old daughter with the late Beth Chapman, joined her father. Frane's grandson, who previously posed for a picture with Chapman last week, could also be spotted in the photo, carrying a pumpkin.

"Family Day At The Pumpkin Patch & Enjoying Fall In Colorado," Frane wrote in the caption. Frane and Chapman's friends Alex and Greg Zecca were also in the photo. Chapman shared the photo on his Instagram profile. The picture earned a warm reception from the Dog's Most Wanted star's fans. "Everyone looks so happy. Beautiful family," one wrote. "So cute. God bless you all," another chimed in. Another person was happy to see Chapman find love after Beth's death. "Thankfully they found each other when they both needed it the most good luck and god bless for the future to all," the fan wrote.

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Chapman and Frane announced their engagement in May, less than a year after Beth's death in June 2019 from cancer. The couple has not set a wedding date, but it will not be the big event Chapman once talked about. In an interview with PopCulture, Chapman said Frane voted that idea down. "She will not let me open it up to the public, just family and close friends," Chapman said. However, the two agreed on a compromise, as the wedding will be filmed as a special for Unleashed!, a new streaming platform that will also be home to his upcoming show Dog Unleashed.

Although Frane is not a bounty hunter by trade, the Colorado rancher was with Chapman when he filmed Dog Unleashed. "Almost all" of his children will be on the show, including son Leland and daughter Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Chapman, who both starred on Dog the Bounty Hunter. Chapman predicted the show will stir plenty of "controversy" since he will have more control than before. "I tell [the film team] just shut up and roll," he told PopCulture. "We're gonna start some controversy, and I think I'm the president of that."

Chapman's engagement to Frane was controversial too since fans were not happy he planned to get married so soon after Beth's death. The two defended their match, and Chapman's family did as well. During an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Chapman said Frane got an instant endorsement from Lyssa. "We brought Lyssa for a couple [of] weeks from away to Colorado and stayed at the house and Baby Lyssa got up one of the mornings and started texting me, paging me, 'I wanna see you in the front room,'" Chapman recalled. "I thought, 'Uh oh.' And she's like, 'Dad, my God, don't you lose this woman.'"