Donny Osmond Shares Update in Recovery Following Dancing Accident

Donny Osmond shared a typically Osmond-esque update on his health after a recent dancing accident required him to undergo shoulder surgery last week.

On Wednesday, the former Dancing With The Stars contestant shared a photo of himself trying to play the piano while wearing a sling.

"Writing music 5 days after shoulder surgery is a little harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I should call this song 'Shoulder of Love,'" Osmond joked. "Do you have any clever titles for the new album? #RecoveryMode #NewMusic."

Osmond's fans embraced his humor, suggesting titles for his new record. One fan joked, "It don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that sling." Other suggestions included "Surgeon for the answers, but I shoulder known better," "Oops I broke it again," "Deep Purple Bruise" and "BREAKING out the hits."

Osmond, 61, celebrated the new year by requiring surgery on his right shoulder after he was injured dancing. The former teen idol updated fans with a hilarious video from the hospital.

"The nurse tells me to mark my right shoulder with the word 'yes,' so they get the right one. But instead of that, I put this," he said, as he pulled down his surgical gown to reveal "cut here" written on the spot.

A few hours later, Osmond shared a photo from his house with sling on, adding, "Turns out dancing accidents aren't so convenient after all. [shrugging emoji] I'm home after a successful shoulder surgery and settling in for some serious [rest and recovery]. My only complaint about the day: my doctor gave me the cold shoulder."

It has been a tough few weeks for the Osmonds. A few days before Osmond was injured, his brother Jimmy Osmond, 55, was hospitalized in the U.K. after suffering a stroke during a performance at the Birmingham Hoppodrome on Dec. 27. Both Osmond and his sister Marie Osmond asked fans for their prayers on social media.

"It's been an interesting year my brother Virl had a stroke, my brother Tom had a quadruple bypass, Jimmy had a stroke and Donny, of course, is having surgery," Marie told PEOPLE Now last week. "I've had a lot of loss in my life and difficult things. Everybody does, I'm not saying there's any difference. But I have great faith."

Despite these challenges, Osmond and Marie are still scheduled to resume their popular Donny and Marie Las Vegas show at the Flamingo on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Fans also became convinced that Osmond was the singer wearing a Peacock mask on Fox's The Masked Singer reality show. The singer told the audience his first stage appearance was at 5 years old, which matches Osmond's appearance on The Andy Williams Show in 1963. One panelist also said they were getting "Vegas vibes" from his clue package, which might reference Osmond's Las Vegas show.


The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images