Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Chapman Will Appear in All 4 Remaining 'Dog's Most Wanted' Episodes

Fans of Dog's Most Wanted will be thrilled to learn that the show is going to have a lot more Beth Chapman before the season is over. One of the show's stars, Rainy Robinson, confirmed that Beth will appear in all four of the remaining episodes of the WGN show's first season.

Beth has already been a big part of this season. In a previous episode, we saw her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, getting the news from the doctor about just how serious her cancer is.

"The doctor's say there's no chance of survival. You have an incurable disease," Dog said. "I wanted to slap him right in the mouth."

Later, surrounded by friends and family, he said, "So, this one's for Beth."

In last week's episode, Dog and Beth were seen arguing over medication.

"You're not supposed to go that long without your medication," he said to Beth.

"Stop trying to drug me," Beth responded. "I'm not trying to drug you, I'm trying to save your life," Dog snapped back.

Also in last week's wild episode, Dog and team hunted down Jamie Jungers, who is one of Tiger Woods' former mistresses. She was hiding in Vegas somewhere and wanted for skipping bail.

"These are the cases I want... drugs are prevalent in that little girl's life. So my most wanted right now is keeping her alive," Dog said during the episode.

Later, they track Jungers down at what appears to be a drug den of some sort and she then begins to blame her drug use on Woods.


"I never in a million years would have thought I'd ever be a junkie ever," she said. "I wish him the best, but initially all of this is because of him. I'm going to blame him for my drug use and where I am at right now because of what I went through with dating him. It never benefits me when it's brought up. It's always been a negative. I'm always the home-wrecking whore. I was 21 years old."

New episodes of Dog's Most Wanted air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.