'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Leland Chapman Shares Sexist Meme About Kamala Harris

Leland Chapman deleted a tweet from Saturday that may give many pause after the election results went live. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star posted an image of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a very offensive, sexist caption.

According to the image, Harris will "be an inspiration to young girls" by having sex with "powerfully connected men" and further your career. The caption also slams President-elect Joe Biden by saying Harris will play "second fiddle" to the former senator "with dementia."

According to the Washington Post, The image simplifies a misogynistic Facebook post that went viral after Biden selected Harris as his running mate. The focus was Harris' relationship with Willie Brown, former California assembly speaker and later Mayor of San Francisco. While there were ethical questions during their relationship, with Harris being appointed to two state boards while dating Brown, it was not a factor in her main political career. The Facebook post does not use that explanation.

"Willie launched her career because she was having sex with him. The idea that she is an 'independent' woman who worked her way up the political ladder because she worked hard is baloney. She slept her way into powerful jobs," Steve Baldwin, a former California State Assembly member wrote in August. Harris has called the relationship with Brown "an albatross hanging around my neck," but Baldwin's post brought that back to the forefront for some conservative voices.

Baldwin's post was edited, rewritten and shared by several accounts in its new, nastier form. That's where it likely ended up in Leland Chapman's point of view. As The Washington Post says, "What Baldwin wrote on Facebook, casually and carelessly, lives on and continues to spread."

Chapman deleted the Twitter post shortly after it began to gain traffic and criticism. He didn't comment on the deleted post or its response, but assumptions are likely already clear to some. His father, Duane "Dog" Chapman, has shared his support for Donald Trump in the past. This has been tied to Trump's support for law enforcement and his views on the border.


"I think he's doing a pretty bang-up job," Chapman said in 2019 on the Domenick Nati Show. "I know that there needs to be a wall. Eighty-five percent of the drugs - fentanyl, heroin and cocaine - come from Mexico."

Neither Chapmans have been too vocal about the election in 2020. Most of the focus has been on the loss of Beth Chapman in June 2019, followed by Dog's new fiancee Francie Frane.