'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Duane Chapman Spotted With Mystery Woman Following Wife Beth's Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans got a little bit of a shock on Saturday night. While the reality star [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans got a little bit of a shock on Saturday night. While the reality star has spent the past few years standing by his late wife Beth during her battle with cancer, photos taken Saturday show Chapman out to dinner with mystery female.

The pair went together to an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles and were photographed enjoying a meal together and then laughing as they wait for the driver to pick them up.

The lady and Dog both entered the vehicle together and the proceeded to a local gas station for supplies. The driver and mystery lady walked into the store while Dog waited in the car, spending a moment alone before they returned and went to the reality star's hotel room in Hollywood according to The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail notes that the lady appears to have spent the night, but it isn't clear if this was in her own room or in the same room as Chapman.

While some are speculating that the reality star has already moved on from Beth following her death, The Blast indicates that this may not be the case.

The outlet reports that while it seemed like an intimate evening, it was actually a work event and the woman in the photographs is part of the crew for Dog's Most Wanted. Describing her as a "brunette bombshell," the outlet reports that she does hair on the upcoming series and the team behind the WGN series are currently promoting in Los Angeles.

The Blast adds that the seemingly romantic encounter was far from it as at least eight members of the cast and crew from Dog's Most Wanted were present. It was also alluded that she is a longtime friend of Chapman and his late wife.

No matter the circumstances, Chapman deserves to be a little happy after the years and months of extreme drama he's faced. Not only did he lose the love of his life in Beth, he also recently had to deal with several of her personal possessions and bounty hunting equipment going missing in a burglary at their Colorado store. That doesn't even address the attempted scam that almost cost the reality star hundreds of thousands.

If he was out smiling and enjoying some time with associates, it's a good thing.

Dog's Most Wanted will debut on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America. It will be preceded by a two-day Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon.