'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Fans Calling for Return of the Show

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans have reignited their cries for a new show from the Chapmans following their emotional return to television in December.

After Duane "Dog" and Beth Chapman opened up their lived to A&E cameras for Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives, fans are begging the network to strike a new, recurring deal with the family previously known for their work in the dangerous bounty hunting business.

A&E continues to air reruns of the family's eight-season run from 2004 to 2012, and according to some loyal fans on Twitter, it's the best entertainment the network has to offer.

"I only watch [A&E] when [Dog and Beth Chapman] are on," one follower wrote, sharing a graphic of the eclectic couple. "We need a new show."

Another user has pitched daily her cry for a Dog the Bounty Hunter reboot, from creating a petition to put the Chapmans back on air to grabbing the attention of the show's bail bondsman, Bobby Brown.

"Dog The Bounty Hunter & Beth fight crime, cancer & now we want to see a new tv show!" an ambitious user wrote alongside her petition.

Brown responds often to fans' rallies for a new or rebooted series, writing, "'WE' truly STAND by you & support your [sign the petition] campaign and WE truly appreciate each of you that do SUPPORT the [millions of fans] of [Dog and Beth] that want to see the [next chapter] pf their life back." The former reality show cast member added, "[A&E] please."

"C'mon [A&E] are ya getting the hint yet? [Dog and Beth] were much better entertainers than some of the crap you are airing now," another fan wrote. "We want some REALNESS back in our lives!"

The Chapmans returned to reality TV in December for Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives, an A&E special which followed Beth's journey with throat cancer. The special, which aired five years after the family's original show was canceled, had viewers rallying behind their emotional health battle.

After the special, Beth's self-proclaimed "right hand and left ear" bail agent Rainy Robinson polled fans on what should come next.

"After the epic airing of Dog & Beth: Fight for Their Lives… what should follow this?" she asked, giving fans three options to vote: A new show, a new show or a new show.

Robinson shared the overwhelming, albeit biased, results on Twitter. "The results are IN. 83% said they want a new show 11% said they would like a new show and 6% would like a new show," she wrote.

Though the Chapmans may or may not be interested in returning to reality TV, they have decided to give up the bounty hunting business following Beth's cancer struggle.

With the danger that follows the profession, Beth said it was time for her to step back from the family business. Dog also decided to leave his longtime job so his wife wouldn't worry about his safety when he wasn't home. Instead, they'll spend more time together and Dog will look for another profession.


"I don't know that he's looked for a job in the past 40 years, but we gotta change because we need longevity," Beth told TooFab in November. "We have small children, we have people counting on us. It doesn't mean that our stance on the criminal justice system has changed, it means that we may want to change."

So if fans' dreams of a new show starring Dog and Beth come to fruition, the premise of the series would need a fresh angle based on their decision to ditch the bounty hunting world.