'Dog The Bounty Hunter': Lyssa Chapman Bites Back at Stepmom Beth Over Mother's Day Snub

Lyssa Chapman has broken her silence after being called out by mom Beth Chapman on Twitter. The Dog The Bounty Hunter star took to the social media site to air out her grievances with "Baby Lyssa" for icing her out.

After Beth, 51, accused Chapman of not acknowledging her "on Mother's Day" and keeping her and Duane Chapman — also known as Dog — from daughter Abbie Chapman's recent graduation, Lyssa decided to weigh in.

She replied to her mother's tweet, assuring her that she "did write on Mother's Day," and did not exclude them from the graduation celebration. Chapman noted in her tweet that Beth never intended to go to the event as she's currently away.

(Photo: Twitter/@babylyssac)

"So just to recap. 1. I did write on Mother's Day. 2. You had no plans to attend Abbie's graduation as you're off island. 3. You and Dad are not blocked and you know it," Chapman, 31, tweeted.

The latter portion of her tweet appears to be a reference to a conversation between Beth and a fan. In the exchange, Beth alleged that she decided to call Chapman out in such a public way "Because she doesn't answer my calls and has us blocked so I'm going to reach my child how I see fit."

Beth isn't Chapman's biological mother. She is one of several stepchildren whom Beth refers to as "bonus" kids. The reality TV personality did so on Thursday, in a tweet which appears to have been aimed at Chapman.

"It's the most hurtful act not to acknowledge the woman who gave you life or [the one who] saved it. It's a thankless job sometimes and one that requires [patience] and forgiveness," she wrote on Twitter. "[I've] been blessed with my kids and my bonus kids I love them equally."

A fan responded to the tweet saying they were "very sad" because Beth was "always on [Lyssa's] side about everything." Beth responded that she is "still on her side," but said, "[I'm] just disappointed at her priorities and her choices."

He and Beth only share two children: Bonnie Chapman and Garry Chapman. Beth had two children of her own from previous romances.

Chapman is Dog and third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain's daughter. The couple were married in 1982, and divorced in 1991. They shared two other children: Barbara Katie Chapman and Tucker Dee Chapman. Barbara died in a car crash in 2006, however.


Dog has 11 children total. Barbara and another of his children — Zebediah — died early, however. Zebediah died in 1980, shortly after he was born. Dog shared the child with his second wife, Anne Tegness.