'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Imposter Exposed, and He Was Using This Fake ID to Do It

Dog the Bounty Hunter's team is warning fans of an impostor using a fake Facebook account and ID card to scam people out of their money. Sharing a photo of the ID on Twitter, Duane "Dog" Chapman's team assured fans that he would "never ever contact you directly on Facebook nor ask you for money, gift cards or anything else."

The fake Dog is definitely out there looking for victims, followers were quick to confirm, with many sharing their own frustrating and heartbreaking stories of being reached out to by the scammer.

"I had just blocked and reported the fake account and it showed up the next day they following me again," one person responded. "This has happened quite of few times now.

Another added, "This to has happened to me [through] messenger. Broke my heart, when I found out it was a scammer. I thought it was Dog, I was asking information on how to help my Son. This person is very convincing so be careful."

"Hi dog it all ready happen to me I got a Friends request from you I made me so happy," another fan wrote. "Wow dog on me to be one of his friends on Facebook and Twitter, but it was a hoax and I got screwed."

Others condemned the scammer for making Dog's life any more complicated than it needs to be as he mourns the loss of wife Beth Chapman, who passed away due to complications with her cancer diagnosis in June.

"Wow that's really messed up," one user replied. "Dog has been through enough this year he doesn't need this BS too."

Another chimed in, "If Dog ever finds him, beware."


"This is disgusting!" yet another responded. "Scammers are scumbags. Sorry this happened to you Dog! Sighs!!"

Photo credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images