'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Duane Chapman Dances 'Topless' in Overalls in Video Shared by Daughter Lyssa

Duane "Dog" Chapman made a surprise guest appearance on his daughter Lyssa Chapman's Instagram page Saturday, shedding his tough-guy image for a moment to dance "topless." The fun video provided Dog the Bounty Hunter fans with a different look at the star. Chapman was taking a break from his next TV projects, which includes one series featuring all his children.

Lyssa's video does not really show her father completely "topless," as he is wearing overalls, just without a shirt on as he dances with a makeshift "stripper" pole. "For all those SAYING I'm an embarrassment to my family by dancing.... YOU SHOULD KNOW I have been dancing and embarrassing them (my parents and kids) since FOREVER ANDDD.. For the record, I was RAISED by a topless dancing man," Lyssa, known as "Baby Lyssa" on Dog the Bounty Hunter, wrote in the caption. She included the hashtag "Make your own stripper pole."

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Fans ate up the brief clip. "I love your dad. He's such a bada—," one fan wrote. "You are a fun family! Love it! I hope my daughter isn't afraid to dance when she's older! You be you," another wrote. Others could not believe anyone would consider Lyssa an "embarrassment" to her family. "I can't believe anyone would say that... [What the f—]... If anyone has moves why not move... People suck," one wrote.

When Chapman is not dancing for his daughter, he is working on his TV projects. In a recent appearance on Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer, Chapman said WGN America is not pursuing a new season of Dog's Most Wanted, which focused on his wife Beth Chapman's battle with cancer and death in its first season, since the network plans to launch a news show. However, Chapman is still going forward with one show called Dog's Dirty Dozen, which will feature all 12 of his children. Production was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic though.

Chapman did not say when the show will premiere or if any network was interested, but he said the production has utilized impressive technology. "We arrested a guy the other day, we have all this different stuff," Chapman said. "You can hear him breathe. And he goes, 'Dog, you're cheating.' Because I'm using too much technology."


Chapman has also mentioned a project called Dog Unleashed. On Saturday, he shared a new photo with his fiance, Francie Frane, with a caption teasing Dog Unleashed as "coming soon." After Chapman helped catch a wanted criminal in Virginia, Chapman said he would go back to the state to film the show. On July 23, he also shared a photo of himself being filmed with the hashtag "Dog Unleashed."