Duane 'Dog' Chapman Grins in New Photo With Fiancee Francie Frane

Duane "Dog" Chapman and Francie Frane can't keep from smiling as the newly-engaged couple takes on a road trip home from Virginia. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star and his bride-to-be couldn't help but grin in a new photo he posted to Instagram Thursday, in which Frane throws back her head in laughter from the passenger seat and Chapman beams behind his sunglasses.

"We will be back to Virginia real soon. Aloha!" Chapman wrote in the caption of the sweet photo. The couple was in Virginia not on vacation, but on a successful bounty hunt for wanted Virginia fugitive Felux Chujoy. Chapman tracked Chujoy, who was indicted in May for making and distributing methamphetamine, to Augusta County, Virginia less than 72 hours after starting his hunt. The reality personality announced Wednesday that his team had apprehended Chujoy, who was on the run for a month because local officials did not put his warrant in the National Crime Information Center until 13 days after he was indicted.

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"The way I recognize people is facial features, which include eyes, face and all that," Chapman explained of the difficulties of hunting a fugitive in a pandemic. "Most of my fugitives right now are walking around with their face covered. Shades on, face covered, and a hat. You'll never know it." Using intel from local residents, Chapman tracked down Chujoy quickly, and the fugitive agreed to turn himself in. "Thank you to the people of the great state of Virginia. Your tips and leads helped towards the surrender of Felix Chujoy," Chapman wrote on Instagram after the arrest. "When Wyatt Earp comes to town, the safest place for the criminal is to hide inside the jail."


This was Frane's first bounty hunting trip alongside her future husband, to whom she announced her engagement on May 10. Chapman and Frane met when the reality star reached out to the Colorado rancher to see if her husband would do some landscaping for her, only to learn he had passed away due to cancer earlier that year. Chapman was just months removed from losing his own wife, Beth Chapman, to cancer, and the two widowers quickly bonded over their mutual loss. He told TMZ after their engagement, "We hooked up on the phone and started... talking to each other, crying and consoling each other and then one thing led to another and it's just incredible that I've been able to meet someone like her."