'Dog The Bounty Hunter': Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Posts Loving Family Photo Ahead of Beth's Memorial

The Chapman family is back together again ahead of Beth Chapman's Colorado memorial service. As a photo posted by Leland Chapman's wife Jamie Pilar shows, the Chapmans united ahead of the service, led by patriarch Duane "Dog" Chapman.

(Photo: Instagram / @jamiepchapman)

Aside from Dog and Jamie, the photo also shows Chapman's children Bonnie, Garry, and Cecily and stepchildren Leland and "Baby Lyssa," among other family members. Family friends Kaleo Padilla, David Robinson and Sonny Westbrook are also shown.

Jamie simply caption the photo with the word "family" and a heart emoji. Bonnie is shown in the comments section writing, "Love you" with a heart emoji.

Baby Lyssa also posted the same photo, writing "FAM=BAM #TheBandIsBackTogether #MoreFamilyComing."

Jamie is one of many Chapman family members preparing to say goodbye to the late matriarch, who died on June 26 at age 51. She recently revealed a touching card Beth gave her for Mother's Day, along with how she has cherished the gift since her passing.

"Happy Mother's Day. May you be showered by love," Beth wrote to Jamie. "I'm so happy you love Leland as much as you do. It makes me feel good to know he will always be loved. Be patient and never go to bed angry. Love you, Mom #2."

"So I have debated over [and] over whether to share this or not. This is personal to me. Really, it’s the most personal piece of her that I have besides my memories and photos," Jamie wrote in the photo's caption. "I know she took the time to find this card. You can tell as you read it. Let me say, this card means the world to me in ways no one will understand...but she does. Honestly, I think I’ve read this card 2-3 times a day since she gave it to me. Today as I’m reading it, it’s hitting me differently due to it being my Anniversary.


"You know, sometimes when I read it I swear I can hear her voice reading the card with me. Then I start crying. No matter how rocky our start was, we sure did make a beautiful finish. I will always love him Beth. I’ll always take care of him, and do right by him. Thank you for impact on raising the man I fell in love with 4 years ago. Love you Mom."

Chapman's memorial service begins at 4 p.m. ET and will be live streamed on wgnamerica.com and the Dog's Most Wanted Facebook page.