Dog the Bounty Hunter Family Suffers Another Health Tragedy Amid Beth Chapman Cancer Diagnosis

Duane 'Dog' Chapman's family is suffering a second tragedy following the return of Beth Chapman's [...]

Duane "Dog" Chapman's family is suffering a second tragedy following the return of Beth Chapman's cancer.

The couple's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, announced on Twitter Wednesday that her ex-husband's 19-year-old brother, Hunter Carter, had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

"Aloha all. This year has been especially hard for our family and tragedy has struck again," she tweeted. "This is my ex-husband Bo's little brother."

She added that the teen is "fighting an uphill battle," and asked fans to contribute to a GoFundMe campaign designed to help with his medical bills, which had already reached nearly $3,000 of its $5,000 goal by Wednesday evening.

"He will need to travel to the mainland during the holiday seasons to get a bone marrow transplant and remain thereafter for recovery," the campaign bio reads of the Hawaii resident. "We are trying to raise money to help them with expenses. We also humbly ask for you to say a little prayer in his name."

The bio continues, "Hunter continues to have a positive attitude despite his current situation, and like most, he has his good days and bad days. He thanks everyone for the continued support and strives everyday to have a positive mind set and putting his faith in god to do the rest."

Also in need of thoughts and prayers is Lyssa's mom, Beth, who last month discovered that the throat cancer she underwent surgery to remove a year prior had returned with a vengeance.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter star learned of her diagnosis after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a "blockage" in her throat, where doctors discovered that she was no longer cancer-free.

"I can confirm that unfortunately, her cancer has returned," Chapman's attorney, Andrew Brettler, told USA Today after the surgery. "The doctors say it's serious and are evaluating her treatment options. We're all hoping for the best."

"She is not doing good," Dog told TMZ after her diagnosis was announced. "I appreciate the question and please say a prayer."

"We are all so devastated. We love our Mommy so much and thank you guys for being here," Lyssa added when her father began to break down. "We got such an amazing [outpouring] from our fans and we just really appreciate it... Poor daddy."

Photo credit: David Aguilera/BuzzFoto via Getty Images